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  1. Tint And Audio Workx is looking for experienced window film and PPF installers for our growing business. If interested give Steve a call. 304-657-5956
  2. Thanks for your input everyone. This will really help me make my decision.
  3. So what about price point? If I go big name we will certainly have to raise our prices.Will it be able to get a customer to pay more for the more known film?
  4. Hello all,I currently have two shops in and carry mostly EWF Classic Black and ceramic. I absolutely love these films and do not have any reason to switch other than them not being as well know as some of the other window film companies out there.How important is it to sell a big name brand when it comes to tint? I really like how 3M offers several selling tools and displays which can be very helpful when trying to up-sell. Should I just make my own displays and marketing materials and sell EWF as my own brand? I know there are several shops reboxing film and putting their own logo on the box. Is this as effective as just offering a brand like 3M or Johnson? I would appreciate any input i can get on this topic.Thank you.