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  1. Can you provide some close ups of that bumper? It was a bitch in gloss, can't imagine full coverage in stealth
  2. Yeah the vents pop out pretty easy. Unless they are the carbon fiber ones. Those tabs tend to break on the vent itself and they ain't cheap
  3. Don't know the cost of that but I bought a mini 12v compressor at harbor freight for $20 that has been working great for the past 3 years
  4. I have had a Mac roller stool since 1991. Paid. $60 and never an issue. Changed the wheels years ago when the new style wheels came out. Buy now I've moved onto a new snap on one. Probably over paid, $250, but I love quality tools
  5. Is this newer than say a few months ago? I tried the film out a few months ago and it was a bit troublesome.
  6. How many gallons is your corny? I'm looking for a used 2.5 gallon but no one seems to have used and new is a bit much seeing as I have a 5 gallon already
  7. Might burn the car but it'll get the job done
  8. Yup steamer is the way to go. I've removed my share of ppf and on rare occasion, it has pulled paint. But the issues have always been because of bad prep before paint. Just go slow and make sure you get a waiver signed, because no matter how care you are, shit can always happen.
  9. It would be better to spray a clear coat. The primer will have issues down the road. I've seen it a bunch of times where the film releases because the primer has a weak hold.
  10. By the way, I mean no disrespect to rob, he has helped me out before and is very knowledgeable
  11. Get a steamer and you will reduce the chance of paint peeling or should I say clear coat. I have removed enough ppf, vinyl and tint to know a steamer makes my life easier. But I use one designed with ppf in mind. Not just any steamer works, I have scalded paint before removing double sided tape with a store bought steamer. As far as any coating, even wax has made installs, for me, a pain in the ass. The adhesive is very weak and I have had to redo panels because they have failed with in days after install. Now every panel gets polished with D300 and a microfiber pad prior.
  12. I second the vinyl over ppf. Unless already installed the air gap between the painted and vinyl stripe might be an issue at some point. It might never be an issue, but if you have a blank canvas, do what will net you best long term results. I have done both installs, ppf over and under and prefer stripes on top. Just makes a for a cleaner install in my opinion.
  13. Honestly you can strip c quartz off with a microfiber pad and d300 from megs. It's not a very high quality coating, yes I used it for 5 years and it's not as good as its claimed.