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  1. I am wondering if anyone has installed anti graffitti film in 6ml or thicker? How did it turn out? I have some large windows to do on new construction.
  2. I have 2 kits for sale. Both in excellent condition. one says heat mirror and is in a hard case other is soft sided. Both have BTU meters. UV meters & black light. Will sell one or possibly both. Make offer. I paid around 500.00 per kit
  3. SunTek ULV40 approx 30' SunTek ULV50 approx 20' 100.00 for both plus shipping 3M Infrared kit 250.00 plus shipping FXHP35 36" half a roll 75.00 plus shipping SXHE-1034 36"x34' Ice forest 50.00 plus shipping SXC-130SR -46" white vertical stripe 1/8" stripe 1/8" clear 30 plus feet 50.00 plus shipping MaxPro 3860 60" close to a half a roll. says 38% light transmittance but it is really dark. I would say darker than a 5% film. I bought it for a commercial project that I need something dark and not sure if the wrong lid was put on it. It is a PS automotive film 100.00 plus shipping NRMFLT thin lines. CP film 60" about a half a roll 100.00 plus shipping tog2250@gmail.com
  4. I have a partial roll of 60" glow film. Estimating about a half of a roll. It glows with a black light. Suitable for commercial or automotive. 100.00 plus shipping tog2250@gmail.com
  5. Selling is one thing using it on a daily basis is insanity. Once you have experienced 3M it is easy to sell against. You have seen all the many weakness' they offer and the name isn't so important.
  6. I understand the legalities. Trying to find something. Does anyone know of anything? My manufacturer does not have it. Found something about Clear Armor but they do not sell the product to others.
  7. That is of no value, you are of no help.
  8. Does anyone have information on the bullet resistant films
  9. I have an almost full roll of 60". Glows in dark with a black light. Make offer.