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  1. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend at the invitational ! Sorry us lads from Elite can't make it to this one. We may try and get up soon though GTS, just to check out your new shop and talk tint
  2. Go to Mick at vision tinting. He is the absolute best guy in Sydney to get your Fusion tint job. Not many people like Mick in today's tinting industry. We are a dying breed I think!!
  3. Hey poop, thanks for the reply! That Film and Vinyl Design is American right?
  4. Plotter users! What software are you using for templates? I'm happy with the guy we use currently but he is too damned busy to make more at the present time. Not really wanting the on going monthly fee that the big guys offer, current dude charges per template, it's a long shot I know.....
  5. Try the soap method, powder is pretty 1999
  6. Apparently yes, I got that email last night too.
  7. Great post mates. I think we are all plagued somewhat by the cheapo back yard style (some have workshops!) flash in the pan style tinters who have no business savvy and don't worry about a sustainable industry, same people are more than happy to do illegal installs too. It's hard to back up your reputation and justified price when there are bills to pay and mouths to feed!
  8. None of us need proof that Olfa blades have lost their "edge" quite literally. But, just to prove a point I fully stabbed my finger in a ruler based incident, whereas a few years ago this would have been a claret spewing incident, nothing! Not even a mark! I had to check if the Olfa blade was bleeding after it's rough treatment from my finger!
  9. Thanks mate. I appreciate it
  10. Yeah Daz a good friend had a very similar story to you! I'm liking the idea more and more, makes sense now the exclusivity has come off our favourite brand.
  11. Hey all, we are considering rebranding our range, just wondering everyone's thoughts good or bad.
  12. We never charge for the quote but if there is a fair whack of distance and therefore time we do add a travel and set up fee.