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  1. how is the install of such film. More like a Huperoptik or like any other film. PROS and cons of installation?
  2. If you ask me is the same thing. Suntek on a LLumar box with the extra dollar signs
  3. Clear film that turns frost with a flip of a switch. Might have a job to do and they said film installs just like window film. Anyone installed it before?
  4. How do they fit and how do they charge for the software
  5. Do any of the big companies have this pattern? Mainly for the bumper
  6. IVE always loved suntek. I will use whatever they want me to install but preference I like Suntek the best
  7. Ive worked on those types of cars before. I know what it takes. You dont want to rush a car like that. You are not telling me you are charging the same the guy charges down the street tinting honda ciVics. I make twice what you are trying to pay. This is why our industry is going down. People wanting to pay pennies for a tint job. Plus take into factor that living expenses in cali are higher than most states
  8. Im in the US but damn that sounds like shitty pay.
  9. Never done one but that hood doesnt look impossible to do in one piece.