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  1. A GOOD INSTALLER WILL EARN GREAT INCOME IN THIS ROLE.We are in search of an Installation Technician to do automotive window tinting and clear bra installation. We are looking for an enthusiastic and motivated person who can help us continue the development and growth.This position will be split between our Fort Collins & our Denver shops. It is for full-day shifts on Monday Through Saturday with a flexible day off during thw eek. This is a YEAR-ROUND position.This is a great position because these are high earning days in the window tinting industry! Work load will be 3-5 cars per day. Cars are full paying retail customers. Commission is 30% to 37% depending on the project.We are looking for an individual we can partner with for the long-term to achieve mutual growth and be success!Window tint installation experience is highly desired. We will also look to them to be able to provide elite customer service to our customers.Other Details:Must have a basic tool set for tinting.This posting is for a sub-contractor position.Paid bi-weekly via direct deposit.Professional appearance and communication is highly valued.An organized, self-starter will be very successful in this position.We believe in a positive environment. We are looking for someone with a positive attitude who will fit into a positive, excited environment!Our parent company is SunGlo Window Films. SunGlo Window Films has been in business since 1991. We are a window tinting company only. Our business is split evenly between automotive, commercial and residential clients. We believe in happy people; both our customers and those who work for us. We treat our installers with respect.Learn about our two shops at & you are interested, please reply or email me directly at: tim@denverautotint.comThank you!!!
  2. Hey All! Is anyone having success using Home Advisor or Thumbtack for Flat Glass promotion? Thank you, Tim Jordan
  3. Do you take deposits on all of your appointments? Thank you for the feedback!
  4. How has that worked for you? What size of deposit do you charge? Thank you for the response!
  5. How about Square Register & Square Appointments? This is what we use. There is a customer management system, invoicing system, and appointment/calendar management that send reminder texts and emails. It does not directly link to Quickbooks any longer which stinks. But that is about the only drawback. It is not perfect but we have liked it so far. Tim
  6. Hello! Do you take a customer deposits when they schedule an automotive tinting appointment? If so, do you actually charge their card? Have you received much pushback? We have been seeing a recent spike in no shows. We already email, text and call the clients with appointment reminders. I cannot think of any other way to get people to show more consistently.... Thank you for the feedback! Tim
  7. Our shop is very new into the automotive side (we have been doing flat glass for 25 years) and this became an issue immediately.... We invested in a point of sale that does email and text appointment reminders. I also tell those that are making appointments that we have an installer waiting for them, so if something changes to please let me know ASAP. The appointment reminders specifically have REALLY improved the no-show ratio (especially because they have our address on the email making it VERY easy for them to find us). PM me if you want my thoughts on the Point Of Sale we are using! Thank you, Tim
  8. First of all , love the logo! Second, seems like you have the right idea going on about "recession proof" shop. It would be nice if you can find a flat glass guy and automotive guy to handle your jobs, or at least help. Some places have they're auto guys in shop and flat guys on the road all the time (if you are a consistent shop). My suggestion to you is start out with auto and go with the flow, once you start and start gaining speed you will find out what you need to do to takle both divisions. Just my .02. Take Care Thank you for the input. I think I will share between the two departments. This will help me keep my good tinters busy and sharp in both areas until we figure out how things need to be structured. Tim
  9. Thanks for the positive thoughts!!
  10. Interesting idea. How much would you charge? Tim
  11. I am lucky enough that I do! Thank you for the input.
  12. I have made the decision to expand my flat glass operation and open a small, lean auto operation. We have owned our flat glass business for five years and have really enjoyed it. We are ready to spur some growth and add much needed infastructure. A general location has been selected. We are narrowing down properties now. It looks like we will end up with a non-retail, two bay location with a VERY nice office/reception area. The goal is to build a lean, recession-proof shop that can scale with the economy and industry. The model will be to generate the majority of our leads online (obviously not being in a retial location). We have a great plan in place for this. Our target market will be middle to upper end clientelle (per the demographics of the areas selected). The tintdude community has been such a great source of information and support for the past five years. I know that many of you have gone back and forth from flat glass to automotive. I would love hear your experiences in going from flat glass to automovite. The things you did not expect. The challenges. The benefits. Really anything you can think of that would be beneficial to me. Thank you so much for your time! Tim