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  1. is this a new car as in it was brand new off the dealer lot or new as in a used car thats new to you? just noticed a refroster line that looks damaged.
  2. what you have in the pictures doesnt seem to bad. i agree its not perfect but you cant always expect the install to be 100%. good on the shop for redoing the window for you but just realise you could have that window redone 10 more times and its still not going to be perfect.
  3. o man i have the same one on my tank. i love it but havent found a replacement yet. looks like yours have the same leaking problem that mine has. ps. i cut the trigger down on mine
  4. i used to say the same because i would install dei day in and day out but the new compustars with ads blade are much easier to install. the harnesses and parts are better quality.
  5. so is there a panel that covers the glass on the inside like it does on the outside?
  6. maybe a Polish to get some shine. But if you have "perfect paint" before an install, it certainly won't be after. You beat the crap out of paint installing the film. IMO a simple gloss polish that will also remove any dealer applied sealants is more than enough. you shouldnt be damaging any paint when installing ppf
  7. dont wet the window at all just the film and see how that works for you.
  8. i find that it helps me get clean results if i keep the window dry. im currently using generic brand baby shampoo for slip.
  9. i tint side windows with the window dry but not back glasses.
  10. there used to be a user on here that would install multiple layers on vehicles. i think he was from Venezuela
  11. tint can be peeled off no problem. the clear bra is probably gonna leave you with score marks all over your paint where it was trimmed at the edge.
  12. i can almost guarantee they scored your paint. thats not gonna be an easy fix. even the tint looks like they messed up every window. you pay a lot for the job or did you pick the cheapest option?
  13. i tried this on the last one i did and it worked really good.