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  1. Angelo


  2. have one of these in my shop right now. hate that you cant pop the top. removing pull handle from front because of tab is a huge help. thanks for the info!!
  3. Angelo

    18 EcoSport

    wanted to pass this along. pillar pulls wihin seconds making quarters easy, disconnect speakers and they swing away
  4. Angelo

    18 terrain

    just did one, they are the same
  5. Angelo

    18 terrain

    anyone know if front roll ups are same as 18 equinox?
  6. doubt anyone will say. alot of different films have very very close similarities. it's much more important to use a company that fits your needs as far as order to delivery time, vlts offered, price and so forth, imo
  7. i love that he youtubed how to remove a door panel, but obviously didn't do the same for how to tint a window. oh, and the $15 package with an empty spray bottle and squuege
  8. these have crazy grip to them. film liner tho, pretty sure i could throw that stuff under all four wheels of a vehicle and drag it around lol
  9. i want to scream every time i hear "oh it goes on the outside?" which is at least 3 times a week
  10. just imagine the intensity if westbrook would jump ship to the warriors.
  11. i can relate to tinteks. the dodge neon type guys coming in wanting tint, then saying they have several friends wanting tint to try to get a better price for the "referral" when infact their pumping smoke. i can read a customer within a minute, two tops, of their intentions.
  12. cavs got it going tonight!! long shot, but hopefully they can get 3 more to show durant he can't just switch teams for a ring lol
  13. right? not looking to good for cavs...
  14. doing clean trash free jobs is the best advertisement. imo, you want at least one dealerships busniess. tell them you would love to earn their busniess and you will do a car for free so they can see your skill set. they won't turn down a free tint job. but you have to be available to them during their hours. as far as liability, if you put illegal film on a person's vehicle and they run over a kid, a lawyer would present that waiver in court and i can assure you a judge will use it against you and hold you responsible. be careful with what you do legal wise