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  1. I used to use a car's fuel filter in line when I window tinted, but the reverse osmosis filter system really makes the soap go farther in the mix, meaning less soap needed. Also made the water act more reliably... I found using water in Las vegas when I was working for a shop there, I had to add a LOT of soap to make the film slip. Much less with a good filter system.
  2. Yea, you should have told me about needing my name change on TintDude 5 years ago! Anyways, I don't have the job booked, because I am still waiting for the building owner to put in the walls for my office & there is going to be a dividing wall between my wash bay and my film install bay that isn't up yet. But otherwise, I have 2 or 3 that are waiting in the wings for me. (Also, getting big pieces of glass delivered soon to be my work-table top and my roll-around for the shop next week) Not too far away now though!
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  4. So for cleaning the car pre-install, or to fill your spray bottles, what type of filter system are you guys using? This would run before a pressure-washer. I had a reverse osmosis system when I was in Dallas that worked great but wondering if there is anything new and improved? If you like one in particular, plz let me know, with a link maybe? Thanks! Norm
  5. This was back when I was window tinting. Tint a SUV for $200 and I was getting 35% or $70 to do the whole SUV window tint. I had quite the job and started my own business before getting into paint protection film, and got 100% of the money. 😉
  6. I was paid 35% off of the total, before tax. So if I tinted a SUV for $200, I'd get $70 bux. This was for window tinting, and not sure how PPF would work along these lines, as PPF makes me a lot more $$ per hour than window tint ever did. (Talking vehicles here.. Flat glass probably produces similar $$ per hour to PPF) For sure, if they learn that they will make more $$ by doing 2 full front wraps a day instead of doing 1 (Without loss of quality of course) Then they make more $$ and you make more $$. I'd not be interested at all in a regular salary. In fact, I worked in a shop before where everyone was paid a % except one dude making a salary. Well guess what? He got all the really high $$ jobs since it cost the owners the same, and the rest of us go the pain in the A$$ jobs, such as the Olds Cutlass Supremes...
  7. Way back, I was paid a straight 35% commission when I was a window tinter working for a shop in Colorado. They switched me over to a price per vehicle which technically made me more $$ when doing a job for a car dealership, but I got hosed when doing a retail job.. Cost me $2000 the first month and I quit and became their competition. Haven't looked back since and wish I had worked for myself from much earlier. Point being, anything that makes a change to someone's already expected earnings (Specifically lowering their pay for whatever reason) Isn't going to go well. But if they work harder/faster/do a better job and they make more $$ because of it, they are unlikely to leave.
  8. So for the occasional film removal, which steamer do you guys generally like best? I've seen those at the SEMA show that pretty much blast steam out of a pretty thin nozzle at the end of a hose. I've typically in the past used either an old Wagner square box steamer that takes a while to heat up, but didn't do too bad once it gets going. I've also used the good old Jiffy garment steamer which gets going faster than the Wagner, but again the steam just eases out of the nozzle.
  9. Excellent!!! Some folks just have to force their opinion on other folks. I've never understood this. Live & Let Live people. You don't like what someone somewhere else is doing, then it's ok to let people know once and then let it ride. Unless your neighbor is having block parties every single night and dumping garbage on YOUR lawn, let it go! Anyways, I'd typically be a bit less than $3k on a full front end, but again if it's a Porsche Macan or maybe Audi R8 with a more than average challenge, then I probably wouldn't be there. But, again your area could have a lot to do with prices.
  10. Hi Ric, Long time! I think I used to be Quest49s on here many years ago, but took the last 5 years off to kick up my heels in south america. Getting things up and going again in North Carolina now.
  11. Haha, well, a 5 year 'retirement' anyways. I'm building it back up again in North Carolina! Any new stuff going on? (I'm gonna have to change my screen name since I sold Invisibra)
  12. Any idea if the vinegar will be detrimental to the film over time? Discoloration, weakening of the adhesive over time, or maybe increasing a desire for pickles... Also, one of the reasons for ISO, is you can rinse out a pocket of water & no bubbles left behind. Not sure if vinegar is anti-bubble. Have to experiment...
  13. I just looked up Ultra S400, and that is commercial, home & office window tint. I am looking for their Automotive security film, which there is a link for in the post above. MikeMN, can you call your distributor and see if it is available for order please? Thanks!