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  1. Um... Other than the box that the film comes in, I don't think any of the films are 'branded'... Not sure what you are asking for...?
  2. Taken as a whole, it doesn't look 'horrible' and some of those are air bubbles that can be fixed very quickly (Like in the 1st picture). Some of the film edges are just a bit further away from an edge of a panel than I personally would like, but if it's a kit installation, then that can be within normal variation I guess. I also saw maybe some champagne bubbles indicating over stretching maybe. But, I would offer to re-do contaminated spots if my customer saw something that I missed. (Which is extremely rare as I give my jobs a very thorough check over before I deliver the job. Maybe a couple specs on an entire installation would 'pass' but not one per panel.
  3. It might be worth while then to allow 5 downloads for every upload of a new pattern or something like that to keep everyone involved. As far as B pillars, I have found the Suntek patterns to NOT have those so far...
  4. Hey everyone, thought I would share that shop space just opened up next to me. I install PPF only and would love to have the other three bays filled up by one or two tenants with complimentary businesses like Window Tint and possibly a Detailer. Please don't ask me details other than what's in this post because I don't know the answers but you can call the number on the Available sign I have attached. What I know: A total of around 3700sf but can be divided in to multiple tenants. 2 walk in doors, 3 bay doors, 1 office reception exist currently. High ceilings for lifts if wanted. I'm sure some upfit & AC can be negotiated like we did. Owner is upgrading the parking lot and exterior of the building soon (he just bought it in January & has done a lot already) Right off a highway that has a ton of dealerships nearby. No PPF-ers please as that is what I specialize in. The owner has already talked to another interested party or two, so if you have any interest whatsoever, please call right away and let them know Norm at Capital PPF, their current tenant, let you know about it. One detailer came and looked today but he may only be interested in one or two bays but hasn't commited yet. I know it will disappear fast as space like this is hard to come by, especially for those in the automotive industry. Address is 1800 N. Salem St., Apex, NC 27523 to see it on a map. And if you come take a look, let me know and I'll show you my setup in 2 of the bays in the building (picture of One of my bays is also included, I built a wall to separate my work space from my wash bay)
  5. So I sometimes will need a simple rectangle with rounded corners for the door steps, where your shoes could scuff the area where you step into the vehicle. I measure it and then design it quickly with inkscape, or the GreatCut program that comes with the GCC plotters. I like this to be a pattern so that it matches from the drivers side to the passenger side and it's simple. Or, I make a pattern for the B pillars on cars/suv vehicle, where your hand grabs the back of the drivers door when you swing it closed. Don't see this included in a lot of patterns out there. I never use full bumper patterns, but I do use patterns for the trim pieces if they are available. But I use the patterns for headlights a lot, because it's hard to improve on such a small, simple piece. So... wondering if anyone out there has an idea of how we, the installers can upload these quick type of patterns into an online database that would be searchable, and FREE to other installers just to help out, supported by the installers for the installers. Maybe if we have a 'how to make patterns' section of the database/forum, then more and more installers get in on the program to build it on up. The reason I think this would be great for a larger group is that I might (And did) make a pattern for the B pillars, and the little triangle piece in front of the drivers/passengers window on a 2020 Audi RS3 because my customer wanted those done, along with the whole rest of the car. But I may never use those patterns again, so it seems a shame to have put that time into it and not use it again. Ideas from those who have internets knowledges?
  6. I'm still testing the spray-on tack enhancer... Jury is still out. What I need to do is to use a couple of pieces of film, maybe 2" wide x 6" long right next to each other. One on the tack area and one without. Squeegee both down for like 2 minutes and see if one is harder to pull away than the other. I can confirm it doesn't seem to damage the adhesive.
  7. C'mon Josh, take a CHANCE with the $1100 new iphone! Isn't it waterproof?
  8. I used the Xpel Gel when it first came out, partially because it would stay in place on a vertical surface, like a bumper. Otherwise, I wasn't a big fan. Especially as the early (First 6 months or so) had little black specks in the 5 gallon jugs that would ruin a full hood, or bumper installation. Switched to Baby Shampoo. Winner winner. Cheaper, and stocked everywhere. Smells better. If it gets into your eyes... no problem. Some people have said Baby Shampoo Can replace Gasoline to get you down the road, or charge up your electric vehicle. (Gasoline & electric charge unverified by independent tests, do not try...) Baby shampoo FTW. Just experiment with different amounts till you find what works best for you.
  9. Sorry, but I have to disagree that precut kits create a 'no risk to cutting the paint'. Because sooner or later, that pre-cut kit isn't going to line up quite right. Sometimes.. Not even daily, it is going to need to be trimmed by the installer. IF (this is the important part, this IF) the installer does not have very good knife skills, then it's far more likely he WILL cut into the paint because he does not practice using the knife day in and day out. Bulk installers ALSO can get into the paint. I'm not saying they can't just that you can't say the opposite is true with pre-cut kits. On the other hand, I've installed and trimmed out a number of bumpers, mirrors, etc, etc where you might find a hunk of schmegle after the installation is finished. It's in a spot where I simply could not sneek under the film to remove the contamination, so off came the whole bumper installation (Mirrors are more likely to take 2 installs as I try to cover as much as possible for a 'seamless' look). I look carefully at all my cuts areas to check if there are any paint cuts just to be sure I haven't lost 'the touch'.
  10. Where do you live Joeexotic? I think you should get a 2nd opinion (Or 3'rd) in your area. It is true that some complex bumpers will have more relief cuts, or additional pieces, but they should be able to tuck and hide the lines better than what I can see in some of those pictures. On the other hand, in the attached picture reflection, IS THAT A FRICKING FLYING JETSKI OR HOVER MOTORCYCLE OR WHAT???
  11. The film just needs to be trimmed back a little more where that lifted spot is. It happens and doesn't mean a poor installation. The film can be stretched to go into those areas, but it is constantly pulling back and the adhesive can only hold so much tension, especially if it rains or you go through a car wash.
  12. I'm very frustrated with patterns & the companies that make them as a whole. Problem 1. Often the patterns are 'pretty good' BUT either don't wrap around an edge or come as close to a non-wrapped edge as much as I would like without needing a strong stretch where one should not be needed. Other times, you need to pull tight to get rid of fingers but that distorts the pattern. Yes, you can just squish down a finger sometimes but that is a spot that is BEGGING to pop up during the first car wash or rainstorm. Then it packs with dirt and just has to be trimmed back now to look bad. Problem 2. They make exceptional patterns that flow reasonably well onto the car BUT they are a smaller operation and only have a few models for the current year or are somewhat new to the pattern market and don't have anything from 5 years ago or older. Problem 3. They charge too much a month for access. It's great to pay $300 a month if you are a huge operation kicking out 100+ cars a month but there should be a simple 'per pattern' plan based on inches or feet of cutter movement that would be better for smaller operations that use patterns rarely. Problem 4. Only allowing access to patterns if you are exclusive to that companies film. I realize and accept that my bulk installations make me produce work much slower than if I adopted patterns in full but Every Damn Time I give a pattern a go, the poor fit, the lack of a pattern at all for a certain vehicle or the high cost just to have 'access', even if not used for a whole month just keeps kicking me back to doing it in bulk to give my customers the quality they deserve. In order to really adopt patterns in full, I'd have to have access to all the makers out there and pay a huge premium per month. (Or accept a hit in quality using patterns that just don't get it done well)
  13. I would not be pleased with that installation. I wonder if the shop recently brought on a new employee who was in his learning phase... I'm glad he explained that pre-existing paint chips would show (I ask my customers to bring in their factory touchup pen so I can clean the chips up before installtion), etc. but some of those relief cuts are pretty ridiculous and too many edges showing. Wish I could see it in person as close up pictures sometimes makes it hard to see the overall situation. Norm
  14. I'm having difficulty seeing what is going on here.. Maybe a picture from farther away to give context first? You mention this is Tint, but this is the Paint Protection area of the forum.