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  1. I used the non ceramic version and it sucks. the color is too green for my taste and the film is very heat sensitive. curls and burns where other films just lay and shrink.
  2. I have done a back window on an el camino 7 times before it finally laid. it was the only thing on the schedule though. had an r/r on 3000gt last week that took 2 attempts for the back window. I would have probably given it two more attempts. Dano is right about scheduling on an off day. the added stress doesn't help the cause.
  3. custy's that see me tint already say i make it look easy.... they going to loose their sh!t when i master this technique.
  4. that looks clean cut and damn good for that truck. me personally i would have ran a line line of black paint with a paint marker around those borders before applying the film to avoid that slither of a light gap.
  5. water wick for the bottom?
  6. yeah some films have more than others. i had a customer that had xpel on his 21 ridgeline and had the same issue. I installed a different film and it went away. you only notice it on the windshield due to the angle you are looking at it at.
  7. any newer dodge set of fronts with the xpel ez tint loader tool lol
  8. you are looking at the grain of the film.
  9. is it a pain to remove the two hydraulic arms?
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