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  1. NT blades are sharp as Sh!t. I had an unused pack that i got a year ago and had to use it because my olfa ran out. I can double cut with ease and rarely have to go over cuts when doing back windshields. For some reason though i can't get a crisp cut on the top door edges. they are jagged and feel rough. I use the olfa for the top edge on rolls downs.
  2. its crap tint. In my opinion any film that can last at least 5 years is solid enough but 2 to 3 years is to soon. I've been using global for 10 years no problems.
  3. you become a black belt tinter lol
  4. these are the vehicles that separate the pros from the noobs. even as a pro these are challenging. i like to cut out a slither and nylon brush the seal. after that i steam blast it with a steamer. then i lay a thin layer of elmers glue. like captain spod said only wet the film and reverse roll it on.
  5. he might have scuffed some of the hard coat layer off.... not repairable.
  6. just wanted to hear anyone's experience with this. I installed some bronze 20 from solar graphics on a lexus sedan about 4 weeks ago. The customer wasn't happy with how dark it was. it wasn't anywhere near a 20 but has a nice reflective appearance similar to the old school lexus SUV's. He brought it back last friday and to my surprise one side still had alot of moisture pockets. I want to put a 20 percent over it but hesitant because it isn't all the way cured yet.
  7. global has exceptional clarity, bulletproof scratch coat, color is a nice charcoal not overly green or blue, and the film doesn't turn purple even after 10 years in the california sun. easy to shrink and does't have curling issues during installation. the price is unbeatable for what you get. what else can 1 ask for?
  8. global ceramics look like normal films. they just a slight sheen to them nothing crazy
  9. something others here haven't mentioned. Considering the age of your truck you might be looking at hard water stains caused by acid rain and oxidation of the glass. I have had 3 customers comeback this year thinking it was the tint and I had to prove them wrong all 3 times by removing the tint and having them take a close look. They look like zebra stripes when the light hits it at the right angle. The tint magnifies the stains but they are actually on the outside of the glass.
  10. definitely keep practicing. Do the cars of your entire family tree and the work will speak for itself. overtime you will build a solid clientele.
  11. I always tell people tinting is a woman's job..... I'm getting overpaid.
  12. what camera you use for these pics?
  13. seen a vid on youtube where the guy explains that its a residue that is left on the defrosters for the chargers/challengers. he had a dawn ultra/ water solution and let them soak while he shrunk it. then he did a regular scrub and the film layd down good.