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  1. don't sweat it its just tint. at the end of the day service goes a long way. anything from lumar, xpel, 3m and global should meet your needs. they are all good films that will last for years! but to answer your original question xpel and global might be made by the same manufacturer but are NOT THE SAME FILM.
  2. malibus and fusions
  3. +1 on the HP been on one of my cars for 7 years now no bubbling or fading. still looking limo black. i don't think it has great clarity like say the global qdp but would use for the long term. great film.
  5. armor plast 125 ms from riot glass
  6. my old boss who had been tinting for 35 years would always tell tales of his prime tinting days. he was still an animal and by no means anywhere near average even at 52 years old. but he would always say he would whip out a four door in just over an hour. He would do 6 to 8 a day. I have tried and tried and the closest i have gotten is an hour and 45 minutes on a late model malibu. Thats from the minute it goes in the bay up to ready to ship out status. In the pursuit of cutting time I have found that i cant really move any faster but have adjusted my technique to become more efficient. i'm burned out after 3 full cars in 1 day i cant imagine doing more than that for an entire, week, month, Years! this stuff requires alot of focus and a stamina that i think can only be acquired through actually putting yourself through the grind and doing way more cars a day than your comfortable with until it becomes normal. does anyone here know any 1 that has that kind of movement and swag? is it an attainable goal?
  7. civicrice

    Nissan GTR help

    some like the 350z have a button on the door jam. i use clamps for those.
  8. awesome! is there a buy in amount? must I get Xpel certified before becoming a dealer?
  9. klingon tint is the best bang for the buck! on a more serious note. express window films seems to be the go to for online purchasing.
  10. looking into getting xpel training and doing basic ppf installs. There is an authorized dealer in the same town. Do they usually limit the number of dealers for an area?
  11. I bought some of the earlier runs back in 2013-14' the carbon held its color but had adhesive failure after 4 years. thats back when it had a blue color to it. Now their carbon looks more like a charcoal. shrinks good, good scratch coat, just a little iffy on the longevity. I have used global since 2010 and have to this day..., 0 issues.