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  1. I bought some of the earlier runs back in 2013-14' the carbon held its color but had adhesive failure after 4 years. thats back when it had a blue color to it. Now their carbon looks more like a charcoal. shrinks good, good scratch coat, just a little iffy on the longevity. I have used global since 2010 and have to this day..., 0 issues.
  2. even after 10 years of tinting some windows will make you feel like a newb. Just a few weeks ago i did a 80' camero back glass that I got right after the 5th try. that was a 70 inch pull each time! after the third time I figured I was already invested and was willing to sacrifice my fresh roll of limo to do it in one piece lol a few failed attempts were due to jagged cuts, film not wanting to lay, and the worst one was when the film rolled up and stuck to itself as i was peeling it.
  3. thanks for the pics! I ended up ordering 2 rolls of luxe. my distributor suggested I post heat the whole light at 180 to 200 degrees. That's a step i did not take with my previous installs. I think heating the whole light should bring out any air pockets from un-squeegeed areas. what is your go to squeegee and buffer when working with luxe?
  4. i like the way the luxe looks. I did a set of truck and cadillac cts headlights (the ones with sharp edges) both looked good I went over the whole whole light with heat after to look out for bubbles that might come up. none did, but after 3 months both came back they had a bunch of tiny air blisters. my only thought is maybe i didn't get all the air out with my squeegeee patterns. luxe is great but I cant be redoing lights all the time lol. looking into trying out the dragon laminates glossy light and dark black though.
  5. fun. fun. fun. all films are different but keeping your heat gun moving steadily and swiftly as you watch the film shrink helps. take a scrap and see how much heat your film can take before it burns up. learn how the film behaves before it it burns up and adjust your gun movements accordingly. other than that because you are new all i can say is ; practice , practice , practice. its going to get easier.
  6. Hi guys about 10 years ago i was using oracal 8300 to do tailights and headlights. however it has its limitations and its a WET install film. this last year i dipped into using the luxe and vivvid Dry install films. Both look good and installed with ease however i've had issues with longevity. I had oracal on my car for over 6 years and it looked good till the day i steamed it off to reveal a brand new looking head light and tailight. with the luxe and vivvid (made the mistake of using on a customer cars) i'm getting bubbles months later with the luxe and crazy lifting on the edges with the vivvid. I think maybe the air release techmology just isn't there yet? i'm looking to add more options for headlights and tailights other than the middle and dark gray that oracal offers. do you guys have any recommendations? thank you.
  7. film on diluted per instructions on the bottle?
  8. every year when the hot weather and high humidity starts to roll around my blood boils as I try to find the right amount of baby shampoo and water ratio for automotive tinting. like today the solution worked fine yesterday but the film just tacked right up today creating creases and endless fingers. just wanted to see if any you guys had a favorite formula or product that works for you during the summer months.
  9. did you use a water wick?
  10. just out of curiosity how much cheaper (percentage wise) will these "cheap custos" installations be compared to your normal lifetime warranty work?
  11. so if i was to spray the back glass to prep and noticed the lines coming off am i expected to take the hit and pay for the backglass replacement?
  12. i too have a spraymaster graveyard. they spray half ass'd im thinking one day i will find a way to fix them lol
  13. this kind of reminds of the audi s4's from like 10 years ago. tinters were frying modules left and right.