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  1. Thanks for the input fox! Looking at some of the Manny's film to glass recommendations would it make sense from a covering your butt perspective to stock up on films that are safe for all glass types ei. silver 20. And only install those? Most of my clientele want privacy and glare reduction not really much into energy savings.
  2. I've been doing Automotive for 8 years I used to help a guy (30 year vet) do flat work but he passed away. So I'm looking on taking on flat glass. was wondering if anyone uses the type of tools that measure the thickness of the glass and lets you know if it's strengthened or has low e coating (and type of coating) my biggest fear is thermal fracture. I always thought to just use a film to glass chart but some of the measuring equipment go beyond what is in those charts. Thanks
  3. I understand. Do you happen to know the IR specs for the fxtreme2 nano ceramic and the rejectorfx line?
  4. So it's supposed to be better than the carbons but this product still utilizes dyed technology?