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  1. I’m up in Asheville, so about 4 hours away. Plus I don’t do auto anymore. JH is over in New Bern, still a haul from Raleigh but he might know someone or have a recommendation for a shop that’s closer to you. Prob worth giving him a call if you can’t find anyone. Just google search Hardison Window Tinting. He does top notch work and is a great guy.
  2. Can’t believe it’s Friday already
  3. Western NC is a pretty spot. I know a couple of my competitors just lost their sub installer. Bet I could get ya in the door.
  4. Damn freeloaders keep showing up on this caulking job. Gotta keep doors to the van locked cause they will open doors to get your lunch. There are muddy bear prints on all the trucks door handles onsite.
  5. Bigger ones are red drum and the smaller ones are some kind of trout. Caught a bunch of those and some stingray. I hooked onto something massive, fought it for 20-30 minutes but got a little impatient and snapped the line.
  6. It was! Nah, haven’t seen it but we are kinda south and NW is washed out with lights. Got any pictures?
  7. Little fishing with the boys at the coast.
  8. Definitely empty shelves on the paper towel isle here!
  9. I’m with this guy. I’d zoom out a bit. There is a lot going on, but none of it makes sense.
  10. Welp, been just about two years since we had to put down my 15 year old buddy, Jager. We decided it's time to get another pup, he'll be weened sometime in early August. He's the chunker on top, kids already named him....."Smash." He's a Jack Russell too, can't get away from that breed for some reason, he'll be our third.
  11. If my memory serves me correctly they said their equivalent to the Milky Milky is White Dusted Matte. Don't take my word for it though......I've smoke a lot of pot in my day.
  12. From my understanding, 3M Fasara films were pulled from Solyx's product lineup. I would contact solyx by phone and inquire what their equivalent is....
  13. Looks like a bit of trash and small crease from two staging the install.
  14. Well the bunny made it through the night. Got him to the bunny rescue this morning, that’s his butt in the picture with other 2 week old bunnies she had rescued.
  15. Kitty cat brought home another surprise. This time unharmed, poor thing. Hopefully he makes it through the night, gonna drop him off at a local wildlife rescue tomorrow morning.
  16. To me....there are way too many manufacturing/installation issues to stand behind any one film. Plus in my area well over 60% of the windows I quote already have Low-E. The times people have called to price low-e film on their shitty single pane windows I just recommend new windows all together. Hands down the better investment most of the time.
  17. c’mon up Been pretty good. Plenty of complaints but just as many blessings
  18. Ayyy, look what the cat dragged in. How goes it Booms? Been a few weeks. Done with work for the day, headed to the lake for the week with the family. Long overdue for some time away.
  19. Definitely was a hand shaker before all this, just the way it was where I grew up. Hard habit to break, like saying ma’am and sir. but times be changing....
  20. Just google ads, that’s about it. Everything else is word of mouth and referrals.