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  1. bennett5

    2020 Envision

    Remove screw behind opener. Panel pops back like BMW and Silverado cut tint a little long tucks nice with Gator blade operas need to be cut exact. Easy $
  2. bennett5

    2020 Venue

    Front panels 1 in grab handle 1 on top of rear of panel cut little long. Rear Panay 1 in grab handle cut little long rear opera tucks nice. Rear glass wet shrink no problems. Easy $
  3. bennett5

    2019 Promaster

    Can’t remove panels no need to. Tape up bottom seal mark front & back , cut 1/8” long front & rear place film at top of rubber above door mark bottom with sharpie cut bottom , cut lower front 1/8” taller
  4. bennett5

    2020 Tucson

    Remove 1 screw in armrest and pop off sail panel Pop off panel cut a little long front and rear. Lays good
  5. bennett5

    2019 Subaru BRZ

    Frameless windows and opera push out on door when applying. Remove light push up from back and lift part closes to you up. To install hook bottom and squeeze part close to you until it clicks. Easy car to tint
  6. bennett5

    2020 Corolla

    Pull trim from rear of door 2 PH under that pull 1 PH behind door opener rear panels pull 1 screw behind door opener peel panel back cut doors long. Rear glass is small but like new Camry with high back seats
  7. bennett5

    2020 Blazer

    1 screw bottom front of panel 1 screw behind door under arm rest 1 screw behind door opener pop off trim in front of pull handle 1 screw.lift panel up. Cut long front and rear opera glass is tight and no blackout. Not to bad
  8. bennett5

    2020 Supra

    No need to pull panels. Just cut big Black out up front by mirror has dots down back edge push out on glass and slide down behind seal. Opera glass has good black out also. Rear glass brake light cover pops off easy with panel popper. Slide black tabs like BMW to remove light. Cover ribbon and electrical box with towel just to protect from water. Super easy car to tint
  9. 30 miles South of Atlanta 35 years in business looking for tinter to do automotive tint at 35% commission I buy film you furnish tools needed to do job. You will open ,close shop, answer phones and schedule appointments. Must have own transportation and be drug free. Call Randy 770-527-3901
  10. bennett5

    2020 Veloster

    1 screw in arm rest remove sail panel pop panels off. Leave roll ups 1/8” long. Didn’t remove spoiler cut top edge inside and placed on outside to finish cut easy shrink did it wet. No windows are the same
  11. bennett5

    2019 Jaguar XE

    Remove trim around opener on all doors. Remove star bit pop top of panel back cut 1/8” long front and rear. Back glass is easy shrink
  12. bennett5

    2020 RDX

    Remove 2 screws behind opener. Pop top back remove rubber. Cut 1/8 “ long front and rear
  13. bennett5

    2018 Tiguan

    No screws to remove just peel back panel use pick remove seal. Cut front 1/8” long rear a little long it tucks under soft rubber after taping rear rubber. Small opera has a little blackout.
  14. bennett5

    2019 Outback

    2 screws 1 at opener 1 in armrest cut 1/8” long front and rear opera window is easy also and tucks with gator blade and little foot in bottom front corner.
  15. bennett5

    2019 Lexus UX

    Pull off armrest pry up switch 2 screws 1 screw behind opener. Panel is off. Rear glass spoiler not in way of cutting. Small opera front door tucks nice. The one I tinted had no factory tint. There also was no IR on any windows to worry about. Fairly easy to tint