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  1. When going through my cleaning pass after scrape and scrub I will rinse the squeegee off with my slip each pass, the flush seals. On install I will wipe off my blue max then mist the window and push out the water, no need to rinse on install IMO. Push to the outside and yellow contour it out, followed by a hard card followed by a yellow contour and on to the next door.
  2. If your shop is heated you can tint year round. Just add some 70% alcohol to the slip and let it sit inside for a little while longer.
  3. My shop tinted for 2 dealerships at one time. I coordinated with their accounts payable person and asked them when they wanted a statement. That statement included the YMM of the vehicle, VIN and Stock number. In developing this relationship I was able to bill on the 20th and get my check by the 5th. My dealership work paid all my overhead for the shop and they just passed it along to the customer when the vehicle sold. I gave them a volume discount if they brought me so many cars per month.
  4. When I first started I stripped and retinted my car about 20 times with different films and techniques until I found what works for me, then moved to friends and family, then to the public. Quality over quantity when it comes to practice IMO.
  5. Looks like some hefty defroster lines not allowing the tint to adhere close to the lines, no uncommon. Most of those look like they can be pressed down if they have not dried to much. Take it in and see what they say
  6. Tint amplified imperfections in the windows, so a scratch that was there before will stand out more after the tint is applied. With regard to the photo it looks like contamination from that angle, would need to see it from a few angles to properly diagnose. Hope this helps!
  7. RR all BG unless hatch, frankie anything on the front glass.
  8. Whatever name you pick, you should have a Command Private First Class rank as a logo
  9. nothing like your wedding ring scratching the side window on the last car of the day when you are hard carding.
  10. Average of $1200/yr per shop to cover up to 500k in damages. Also depends on where you live.
  11. Section 8 Tinting, 600-9 Tinting, HMFIT's, Major Tinting, etc etc
  12. Not sure, but if you follow the second start to the right and go straight on til morning you will reach neverland.