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  1. Global, strong adhesive, zero issues since i started with it, great price, great service from EXPRESS WINDOW FILMS.COM
  2. Buy Global or Llumar, Global has been good out here. Cen., California, summer time around 107 degrees, zero come backs in the past six years. One of the very first cars that i did with Global was my Truck and my brother inlaws avalon, and they are holding just great.
  3. Stan the MAN Will give you a call morrow. Hope all is well my friend!
  4. Thanks guys, i will be calling Xpel, and go from there.
  5. Hello, i have been thinking about getting into PPF., for the past six years, the only two things that kept me from getting into it was, Space, my shop is literally 700 square feet, and also the lack of demand, as i live in a city/town of 70k people. I will be moving into a bigger shop in August, early September, the new shop is 2100 sq ft., and i have noticed more and more people are starting to ask if we do PPF., Which leads me to believe that "NOW" there is a market for it, and if people are asking for it without any advertising, then its time to start offering it.I know this for fact, i do not want to carry mmm, my friend had his Nissan SUV done in Sacramento by a reputable shop, and in less then two years it had turned yellowish. I would appreciate any info., on who offers training, hands on, and which brand-model will last at least 5 years without going yellow, Thanks in advance! Eis
  6. JoeTint, i too live in CA, and i have been using Global QDP, HP and their Ceramic since it was introduced. I buy all my film from EWF, Howard, and his team are great. The QDP is an awesome film, i have it on my personal vehicles, and also on all of my family members cars. Recently i switched to HP and Ceramic Only, trying to offer three lines of film, QDP, HP, Ceramic, was just too much trying to keep all of them in stock.... I also carry EWF Classic Black, its Color stable film, and i use it on Dealer cars. With QDP, I have had zero issues. In the last six and half years, it has gained only 2% on my truck, using a meter. BTW., what city are you from? Eis
  7. We do at least 3 per week without any issues.
  8. Northern CA? Call Rocky Mountain Window Tint in Livermore CA. He uses Llumar. Like coast to coast said, all are great films, Rayno just lacks the track record. I Personally use nothing but Global QDP and HP and Ceramic line, Six years and still looks good as day one, and i live in the Valley which is about two hours south of Bay, and it gets HOT over here in Summer Oh yeah, if you go with Llumar, and if cost is not a factor then get the Ceramic, Good luck.
  9. point of sale products, posters, and such?
  10. It's nice to see you guys are involved with your customers!!!
  11. I like it, it is thick film so you gotta apply slow heat when shrinking. Been getting it from EWF, 2nd day i get my boxes, each time there are free warranty cards, and all the rolls have the master roll number inside the core.
  12. Thank you for the sample, will try it out this coming week and will post about the film.! H&E Window Tinting
  13. When i first started using this film, five years ago. My truck was used as a test vehicle and so was my mothers car. I installed a 40% QDP on the front doors, and it metered 31%, and this truck is always outside. Best part is that, it is parked with the drivers side facing west point. In the last couple of years, the clear coat on my truck started to give out on the drivers side where it gets cooked everyday. I metered out the glass again, and it has gained VLT, or in your terms faded out just one percent, yes it now meters 32%. If you ask me, that is pretty good for five years under the sun, and i live in the hot part of CA, 105-108 degrees. A close by shop, which is about 100 yards away from mine has been using SG for years, and their son was bad mouthing my shop and the film (QDP) that i use, funny thing is that they are now selling QDP Also, you can't beat the price of QDP, you can get two rolls of it for the same price of mmm CS. Give this film a try, you will be surprised to see how well it is constructed.