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  1. Outside of fixed shelters/housing/garages/etc, the wind always wins.You are at it's mercy. Bow down to the wind.
  2. This is also another glass newbies should stay away from.
  3. On subject stay away from Corvettes, beetles and older camaros.
  4. You probably didnt anchor the film properly when you shrank the film.
  5. Whaddup everyone! So, I was wondering what cars you all have come across that had very easy to remove sweeps/seals and how you remove them. Hoping to creates a nice, centralized resource list we could all benefit from. My contribution is the 2016/2017 Honda Civics. This applies to coupes, sedans and hatchbacks. 1. For rear doors: Remove the triangular plastic on the lower left hand side of the glass by carefully prying it off with a bone or comparable trim removal tool. For front doors removal is the same except the plastic triangle is on the lower right hand corner of the door glass and may house a tweeter. 2. Pull back on the top of the door panel and it will pop right off. I would recommend that use a trim removal tool to work out the upper door clips prior to prying back the top of the door panels to further reduce the probability of breaking the door panel. 3. Pull out the door sweep and viola! Take a mental note of the orientation of the sweep for a quicker re-install. 4. Step back and bask in the glory of your awesomeness!