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  1. Thank you Mike! I'll add the random close date here in a sec. I appreciate you starting the new thread, and your kind words!
  2. And I thought I had neck issues. Dang man, fusion can't be good. I hope it works out bro.
  3. Good! How are you doing Mike? Is your back any better?
  4. that brings back some memories.
  5. One of the tags says stpetelocation so they must have a new distribution point in St Pete Fl.
  6. This is an open game thread, it will lock automatically at a random day and time within 10 days. To play, post anything, preferably off topic fun stuff and when it closes, if yours is the last post, you win the prize. Just kidding, you get nothing, but it's fun.
  7. Sure, we can do that. I'll set one up tomorrow.
  8. I'm a high school drop out and was kicked out of the house at 17 with nothing. I slept where I could and worked any job I could get to get on my feet until I finally started tinting in 1986 when I was about 19. This was before the heat shrinking days. (Tinters now don't know how easy they have it. :lol )

    When I was about 30 I got on the internet with "WebTV". They offered free website hosting, not knowing anything about it, I signed up. Tried to get "TintMan" as a username and it was already taken, so "TintDude" was born.


    The little site I built was one page, with a picture of the sun, saying who I was, what I did and if anyone had tinting questions to email me and I'd help.

    So many of the same topics came up, I decided to publish some of the more common questions and answers until a nice little site was going. At this point I started a forum on a free forum site. It got pretty busy so I decided to buy the domain name tintdude.com in 1999 and incorporate the pages I'd made along with the forum onto one site.


    It's been nearly 23 years doing this forum thing and it's been quite the wild ride for me. I've learned a lot about myself, about other people and tinting of course.


    I hope at some point along the way I made a positive difference for someone in this miserable world.


    A big thank you to everyone who has ever been a part of this!

    1. TomTint


      Time flies. I remember a few years ago when I stumbled upon your site. At that time there was no FB and much less public information to be found on the innerweb.. I'm not exactly sure when I signed on here but it must be 10-12 years ago now. ..I as well started in the 80s.... heat shrinking as you said was not en vogue yet. I can remember shrinking some of my first cars and my film supplier freaking out saying I was ruining the film...

  9. That's hairy. Fortunate here, just cold and clear.
  10. If a man is in a forest talking to himself with no women around, is he still wrong?
  11. Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric. Bertrand Russell
  12. Hey that's awesome @DynamicATL, congrats!
  13. You too Jason! Got anything good in the books?
  14. What's happening peoples?
  15. What are you reading @Roach anything good?
  16. @highplains @no ma'am Found our next raffle shirts...