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  1. That is cool. Def man cave material.
  2. Folks Not sure about this one...
  3. The limit for non subscribers is one megabyte per pic, which is still huge. That's enough data to post 20 optimized pics. Your camera may have a setting where you can tell it to use smaller file sizes, or you can use online image optimizer sites to reduce the file size.
  4. Welcome to the forum!
  5. Just increased the limit more, try it now bro.
  6. Thanks for joining in the raffle everyone, and a big thanks to those who chipped into the prize pool! The first place winner gets a TD t-shirt and the prizes added by the members. 2nd and 3rd get a t-shirt. First random number drawn: 64 belongs to @no ma'am Second random number drawn: 40 belongs to @highplains Third random number drawn: 289 belongs to @Tint Slayer Congrats guys! To claim your prize(s) please send a personal message with your mailing address to me for the shirts, and for the member contributed stuff, please pm your mailing information to the members who offered them. Thanks everyone, and happy holidays!
  7. Wow @Roach, that's very generous. Thank you!
  8. Man, I'm sorry about that, I was 50/50 on having it locked or even posting it.
  9. Going to be a long winter. ❄️
  10. 24° here. Morning folks!
  11. The raffle is for people who were members before it started, and guests are excluded, sorry I didn't mention that earlier.
  12. 2 things, guests are allowed to post in some areas of the forum. This is just to encourage participation, as quite a few go on to register etc. The guests you see on old posts that were members are because the member list gets pruned once in a while. If someone hadn't been on the site in over 4 years then they probably got pruned and are welcome to reregister if they wish. Thanks for asking.
  13. @highplains How's your weekend going?