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  1. Same here, they say one person from the school district had it. 


    I don't know man, I mean naturally 200,000 people die every day. How many were from the wuflu? How many from other preventable causes? We don't shut the world down for any of those. 


    Personally I think this shut down will eventually kill many more and destroy the world's economy. How will anyone survive without jobs? Oh wait, that's right, we all go on wellfare and bailouts and beg the government for food.

  2. So does anyone know anybody that actually has it?


    The more I read, and the more I see the corrupt politicians gleeful and hyping this to make the reaction worse than the disease, the more I suspect this is part of a bigger agenda. 

    I think they'd like to see us come out of this under a global order with as much of the world broken as possible, so they can rush in as saviors with their new world dictatorship.

  3. 9 hours ago, no ma'am said:

    Y’all seen the Florida man game thing on the face tube?  Type in your birthday and Florida man on google and show results? 


    Here are the closest ones to mine:


    November 20: Florida Man Catches Shark That Bit Him, Pledges to Eat It

    November 20: Florida Man Steals Two TVs and a Car from Dealership, Drives Through Double Glass Doors into Another Car



  4. 5 minutes ago, Tint Eastwood said:

    Man it's tough out there for sure. Lot of truth in what everyone is saying but these are uncertain times for hundreds of millions of people. Please be weary of anyone or group that speaks with certainty right now.  Stay safe.....sanitize and prioritize.  :beer 


    Man, that's the truth. Everyone is saying something different on the news sites I look at.


    They just put Oregon on lock down/martial law basically. Ordered to stay at home and only to go out for groceries. No closer than 6 feet to someone or it's a crime. :krazy 


    Who's going to be working at the grocery store?


    Neighbor says they saw hundreds of white trucks parked in some place, ready for who knows what.



  5. 8 minutes ago, no ma'am said:

    :bundy  if I have to watch anything frozen related again in the next few days I’m gonna lose it :tv :bat :bat nobody will watch :tv 


    We put an end to that shite a long time ago, Once I saw the kind of stuff they had going for kids on TV, we got rid of the TV. She doesn't even miss it now.

  6. On 3/6/2020 at 9:27 AM, highplains said:

    Hey @TomTint and @MikeMN this back and forth :piss match is honestly a bad look for both of you. There's clearly something personal between you two and it doesn't appear to be an issue that's going to be resolved in this thread so why don't we move on. If you want to keep bickering maybe take it to PMs. 


    Here's one from a couple weeks ago to get things back on track 






    Nice pics @highplains

  7. I don't doubt it. I also take a lot of comfort knowing Jesus is in control, and no matter what happens, it's all going to work out for the best eventually.


    We're trying not to panic, but on the other hand they keep closing everything, so we stocked up as well as we could too. I guess we all knew this was coming one day, and now that it's here, I'm just trying to take one moment at a time and be very cheerful around my little family.

  8. Now they are saying they will close shipping distribution centers. That's it folks. 


    Don't they realize this will end everything far more than this supposed disease.


    What's that old saying?
    "This is how the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper."


    There will be major shortages of everything and people will be begging to be taken to the FEMA camps.