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  1. I hear you. It's tough for me to do anything without pissing both parties off in a situation like this.
  2. I don't doubt it. I also take a lot of comfort knowing Jesus is in control, and no matter what happens, it's all going to work out for the best eventually. We're trying not to panic, but on the other hand they keep closing everything, so we stocked up as well as we could too. I guess we all knew this was coming one day, and now that it's here, I'm just trying to take one moment at a time and be very cheerful around my little family.
  3. How are you doing @TNTLady Things crazy there too?
  4. TintDude


  5. Whenever the politicians get involved, stupidity ensues.
  6. No wonder I never get sick.
  7. Now they are saying they will close shipping distribution centers. That's it folks. Don't they realize this will end everything far more than this supposed disease. What's that old saying? "This is how the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper." There will be major shortages of everything and people will be begging to be taken to the FEMA camps.
  8. The wife is getting scared, doing a lot of shopping just like everyone else. She says it's nuts out there.
  9. I couldn't agree more. I think they want to kill more than the economy.
  10. The struggle is real.
  11. I could see all this if it was some genuinely dangerous disease like Ebola, but it's the damn flu. Since when do we shut down the world for the flu? Or even Ebola? No one has ever reacted like this to even to a truly dangerous disease much less for something like a strong flu.
  12. I think the media causing all this panic is going to kill more people than the supposed virus. They have to be aware of what they are causing. Now that all the alphabet agencies got the go ahead who knows what they will do with this. Never let a good emergency go to waste they say. And in an election year. Watch, this will be weaponized against us like everything else winds up.
  13. How are you @highplains?
  14. My wife just admitted she was wrong about something. 🤯
  15. Yeah, those are fun. Especially when a dog lives back there.
  16. In my humble opinion, the manufacturer isn't responsible. You didn't buy the installation from the manufacturer, you bought it from an installer who bought the film from the manufacturer. It's not the manufacturer's fault that the product wasn't installed properly and they didn't sell a defective product. It's the installer who needs to make it right.