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  1. I think the media causing all this panic is going to kill more people than the supposed virus. They have to be aware of what they are causing. Now that all the alphabet agencies got the go ahead who knows what they will do with this. Never let a good emergency go to waste they say. And in an election year. Watch, this will be weaponized against us like everything else winds up.
  2. My wife just admitted she was wrong about something. 🤯
  3. Yeah, those are fun. Especially when a dog lives back there.
  4. In my humble opinion, the manufacturer isn't responsible. You didn't buy the installation from the manufacturer, you bought it from an installer who bought the film from the manufacturer. It's not the manufacturer's fault that the product wasn't installed properly and they didn't sell a defective product. It's the installer who needs to make it right.
  5. Nice. Hopefully everyone has a good season.
  6. Speaking of spring, we get to torture ourselves with a time change this weekend. Oh joy.
  7. That sucks man. It's been really nice here, tons of snow to the east of us, but we were spared. Still cold at night but day temps are spring like.
  8. I'm still creeped out from Natural Born Killers. Been forever since I've seen a movie.
  9. @Tint Eastwood Are you still into flight sims?
  10. Cool People are getting spooked here. Wife went shopping yesterday and said people are clearing the shelves at Walmart and the grocery store. I think this over reaction is going to cause more issues than anything.
  11. Yeah we did, if they were a certain age and large size they likely got pruned. Sorry about that man.
  12. I enjoy the challenge. I just recently got back into it. I have a nicer computer now so I thought why not. Trying to put some videos up to my new channel, but it's tough to get any traction on youtube. I need subscribers and views.
  13. Y'all want to watch me fly this airplane? Hold my beer.
  14. Thank you Mike! I'll add the random close date here in a sec. I appreciate you starting the new thread, and your kind words!
  15. And I thought I had neck issues. Dang man, fusion can't be good. I hope it works out bro.
  16. Good! How are you doing Mike? Is your back any better?