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    Paint Protection Film Removal
    Q: Yesterday I had to replace a kit that was stained by tree sap. The customer paid for the new film because nowhere in any warranty does it cover stains since they come under customer neglect.
    The hood piece came off nice an clean but the bumper was a total pain. Almost all the adhesive was left behind, most of it totally separated from the film. What a nightmare.
    The hood was metal and the bumper was that plastic stuff most cars have, but I have done a lot of removing film from bumpers and never had such a problem.
    Any idea why this one was so difficult?
    A: We had the same problem with a 2003 Toyota Camry (never re-painted). The film had to be removed due to a small fender bender. The film certainly could have stayed on the vehicle but they wanted a new one put on. We removed it and 90% of the adhesive stayed behind( we were never able to find out why this happened, maybe poor factory paint job?). We started to use 3- adhesive remover and would rub w/a cloth into balls, it was coming off, slowly. We started dumping more remover on the bumper (a lot) it must have softened the paint because it came off where we would rub off the adhesive. I ended up replacing the entire bumper and painting it. 3- helped us out on this one in taking care of the damage. so be careful not use a lot of adhesive remover and take your time in removing it.
    Q: have you ever noticed that on even a new car, in the right light, the plastic bumpers look like they are painted a slightly different colour.
    I have had the same experience before but I am not sure what it is caused by. I prefer to use rapid remover to soften the glue. BUT you do have to be careful with unpainted or untreated palstics as it will soften the material.
    A: Often times the bumpers are a different shade. Many bumpers are painted in one state and installed in another -- also countries!
    Speed try a product called Wipe Away - usually you can find it in Walmart Auto section, it takes the adhesive pretty easily I have found and it is not overly harsh - so less chance of softening the clear coat.
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    Scraping Without Scratching
    By "WearTheFoxHat"
    Mar 9 2010, 06:34 PM
    When using a scraper always keep the same side to the glass ALWAYS!!!!!! The blade curls over slightly during use and will scratch glass if flipped. Also when cleaning tempered glass note which side the label is on and then wet the glass and test with the scraper on both sides in an inconspicuous place like down near your knees. You should find that the side with the label does not scratch but the other side does!!!! Some glass is just "soft" As you gain experience you will see that some mannys are better than others in this area. Use the search feature here on the forum there are already a few threads on the subject.