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  1. finishlineautosports

    16 i8

    Have one coming in tomorrow, never done one, do you guys install the doors with them up in air or sit in car with door shut? Anyting to watch out for on this car? Do doors need shrinking like a vette?
  2. I know you can get private label glass cleaner, but anybody every put together packages like a can of glass cleaner and micro fiber for $x. Xx to sell with every tint job or anything else for that matter?
  3. Overnight so about 14 hours. Customer is taking care of it with his insurance so no big deal on this one but for future reference.
  4. Already did now. He said he didn't notice anything prior, however the spot of impact you can see is above the line of sight from inside. Just want to make sure I cover myself and don't have to be the one to bear the expense.
  5. Have customers 2016 LR Discovery Sport in the shop, brought it in out of the cold to add a sunstrip to windshield. Applied film and started to squeegee and notice some spiders in the windshield begin to show up. Turns out there is a chip at the very top of the windshield on the exterior so wondering how to explain this to customer. Anybody ever have something like this happen?
  6. Any issues with this car? Got one coming in today.
  7. K awesome thanks and yes it's a spyder
  8. Anybody done one? This will be our first lambo anything to watch out for? Do any of you pull panels etc?
  9. I have some dark silver reflective already but he would like the cakes to still be seen from the outside while on display.
  10. I have a dairy queen owner that their cake freezer doors are clear glass and open from outside the building, so wondering what film would you guys suggest to protect the cakes from being ruined by the sun? They are 36x72" windows. The other kicker is the outside of the glass will have to be tinted vs the freezing inside.
  11. I agree that they are not going through windows, was just an idea, and seeing that it may delay someone getting in, thought of not even for exterior windows, alot of these rooms people may be locking themselves in, all have windows inside the school usually. It may be a hard sell but definitely something I think schools may consider. I'm sure the cost per school may be substantial however.
  12. I'm not familiar with security film much but in the wake of all of these school shootings is this a viable opportunity to be installing for school districts? I doubt they are bullet proof, but at the least offer peace of mind as a way to delay someone entering the building... Alot of schools are locked during day but what's stopping anyone from breaking glass up get in.
  13. Dude that's awesome is that one piece of glass? And what are your holding the glass on the wall with?
  14. Dude that's awesome what are you using on the top and bottom of glass? Is that one sheet of glass?