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  1. my 2011 mazda 6 does the same thing pretty common
  2. theres enough there to get the top half stuck and rolled up. i put a corner card in the small upper corner to keep the film from lifting off the glass when im pulling bottom half of liner out. just before i start tucking film under the lower sweep. i think the lexus is a little easier it doesnt go as deep as the lincon. but just use extra slip in a seperate spray bottle.
  3. the water deposits on your glass look worse
  4. man that film must be thick to be that jagged along the defrosters, that or theyre not cleaning the glue off properly
  5. lol agreed. done 3 now, taking them apart gets faster and easier. bottom of the glass is fun definitely have to put on my glove when shrinking it.
  6. i wish i could find those again but i havent had any luck through the last couple years. my biggest thing was the plastic threads would wear apart over time or the body would crack. i was able to fix the leaky tip issues by just putting an oring between the the nozzle tip and the sprayer valve.
  7. hahaha i remember the first time i had to figure that out pulling the latch and bring the striker back. took me a couple minutes of scratching my head like man what the hell is this?
  8. i just cut the bottom of the pattern really smooth and exact. reverse roll the bg piece out nice and flat without sqeegeeing all the way across the window bottom leaving a couple inches above the fuzz, then slide the film down and use my fingers to push it down into the bottom, just enough to cover matrix border. you can even use a crows foot to pry it a little. i have evensometimes hit the fuzz with a little heat to make the fibers cringe or basically melt tighter just dont do it if someones watching thats gonna be a pest. it doesnt really hurt anything if you do it fast.
  9. thought about taping cards before, but i have just gotten used to wrapping them with the white lint free towels from johnsons which last forever.
  10. did one for the dealer myself last week. took all the crap apart and did it that way almost want to just say eff it and see if i cant just vynil the bottom half on the inside somehow. but if people want to pay more to have it taken apart and done right than im for that too i guess.
  11. when the crap ebay tint fades clear or bubbles off in two years, those poeple make good examples to use as selling points.
  12. that job is a bummer. maybe they left the 3m logos on to distract you from the other flaws you havent noticed yet.
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