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  1. I'll be the one to leave if need be, your call homeboy!
  2. I think you forgot to mention that it is an exterior film.
  3. Wait until the wife tells you to get a job!
  4. Why not tint some vehicles JH?
  5. Well good luck and be sure to show off some pics.
  6. That should be the easy part with all the BS you just had to go through!
  7. Hell yah!! Now what do you plan to catch? Hopefully some Sockeye Salmon we're allowed 2 a day so far Well get to it and send some my way, I'll pay the shipping.
  8. Will still have the rainbow appearance from the outside looking in on certain angles with the sun, even without polarized glasses. You should know that being a 3M dealer yourself right?
  9. Hell yah!! Now what do you plan to catch?
  10. Looks like JH actually took a little longer of a nap this time.
  11. If I was only educated enough has smartie I could have said the same thing. Although I haven't laid my hands on the air90 to actually see it installed on glass, the air 80 does have a decent haze. The CR90 has a nice look to it but will have a rainbowish appearance when the sunlight hits the glass at a certain angle looking from the outside, in, even without wearing polarized glasses.
  12. Hell with that! Down here the biggest boat wins!