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  1. I am a Llumar dealer and I love the Air80. It is has excellent heat rejection for such a light film. Your problem is that most states that require inspections look for windshield tint.
  2. MastersTint1414


  3. I know I am late to the party but I think the best way to determine if it is ATC or CTX is that CTX will not match the rear. The CTX film has a sheen where as the ATC will match in color to the rears even if it is a different shade. I recommend customers to use either ATC or IRX to keep a uniform appearance. CTX will stand out against factory tinted glass. I also recommend installing film over the factory tinted glass.
  4. My first job in a tint shop was pulling door panels. Now, I rarely pull panels or gaskets. Whatever works best for you. But as others have said it is best to know how to do both. Prep work is the key in my opinion. If you have felt, tape it off. Clean your seals well. Learn to let the film talk to you, it will tell you what to do.
  5. How do contestants contribute?
  6. I put the IRX15 on the fronts and IRX40 on the rears of my Cherokee. IRX matches so much better than CTX. Now my problem is keeping the frost off my windows!
  7. Do you use filtered water or straight from the tap? Water supply can be another form of contamination.
  8. Greenville SC business looking to hire an experienced tinter. Would consider hiring trainee if you are the right person. PPF experience is a plus. Pay depends on experience, up to 35% plus bonus's. A 5 day work week is normal but not guaranteed. 5 paid annual holidays and medical eligibility after 90 days. After a year, 1 week paid vacation. While film installation is your main job, there are other responsibilities as well. Keeping your work area clean, organized and inventory accounted for are just a few expectations. We are looking for career minded individuals to join our family. To be considered for this position, call Roland at 864-271-6890 or email resume' to
  9. Has anyone tried Llumar's new IRX? I have a roll coming that should be delivered today. I am hearing that it shrinks better and that it matches factory glass better than CTX. Wanted to hear about real life experience before I pull out the steamer and strip the fronts on my truck.
  10. In short then, very few cars have laminated glass other than the windshield. While laminated glass does provide uv protection, it does not generally provide heat reduction. Except in a few limited exceptions, widow film still has benefits such as heat rejection, uv rejection and safety benefits for installing it on factory tinted windows in trucks, vans and suvs. Our jobs are safe for a little while longer on the automotive side.
  11. Please forgive me if I am wrong, but most "factory tinted" windows are AS3. This means that they are tempered glass with lower than a 70% light transmittance. While they can be laminated, most car manufacturers do not do so. AS1 stamped windows (windshields) and a few front roll-ups are laminated. AS2 windows are are windows with tempered glass with a light transmittance of 70% or higher. It is easy to tell if AS3 roll-ups are laminated or not, look at the top of the glass. How can you tell if the cargo windows are laminated? And, if they are not laminated how do they reject more solar energy? I was under the impression that solar control windows were double and triple pane windows. There is a lot of difference between architectural glass and auto glass. I am having a difficult time seeing how adding a layer of film over automotive temper glass is not beneficial for heat rejection, uv rejection and safety (it holds all the little pieces together. And, even if the glass is laminated, it would provide more heat rejection. I guess I am being a bit long winded to ask where are you getting your numbers for a "factory tinted" windows having a TSER of 70%
  12. 50+ year old business looking to hire an experienced tinter. We primarily install automotive film but are currently expanding into flat glass. PPF experience is a bonus. We are a Llumar dealer. Store hours are Monday - Friday 9am to 6pm and Saturday from 9am to 4pm. We strive for a 5 day work week. Pay depends on experience. If this sounds interesting to you, call Roland at 864-271-6890.