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  1. 60" will get it BARELY. After having shrank one, I'd have rather had 72" to have some excess to pull on.
  2. Well I just took 1 attempt at it this morning and got it to lay down perfectly. I don't know what my issue was yesterday. Basically did it like a corvette and then lift and pull the corners where it goes over the sides.
  3. I didnt have that luxury when I did it the first time. I've got a couple ideas I'm gonna try this morning and see if I can get it to cooperate. It definitely wasn't cut too long last time, there was still a light gap in the matrix on the sides, which is probably why it lifted honestly.
  4. I did one in Pinnacle and it took me 2 attempts to shrink it. But it stared lifting and fingering in the dot matrix in the sides after a couple days. I'm attempting to freehand it this time since PrecisionCut's pattern blows, and can't for the life of me get it to lay down in all 4 corners. I can get damn close, but can't get it. I'm giving up for the day though. I've been doing an H but have to curve it on the sides towards the top to even get it close.
  5. Are you doing a normal H pattern to shrink it or are you tacking along the bottom edge all the way around?
  6. Quick92RS

    2017 911 Targa

    Got one comin in on friday. The rear glass looks reminiscent of the older camaros, corvettes, etc. but doesn't tear drop of dovetail at the bottom. Anybody done one yet? I'm not expecting anything crazy.
  7. Just close the latch in the door
  8. Tint a Model X windshield in 1 piece and then we'll talk. Until then, unless you have some constructive criticism, can it. Side note, I finally got his windshield to cooperate. Reverse rolled it from the windshield instead of the peel board, flattened it out with my hands (to the point that it was drying out) after it was placed, hard pressure, clear crush, short strokes from the middle out. Not really much different than my normal routine. I'll do the same thing on the next one and see what happens.
  9. I might be able to set up my phone to record on this next attempt on this civic. Gotta get this civic hatch done first.
  10. Yet again, crease on install. Changed to a clear crush blade, added more slip (hot, humid day) and still having an issue.
  11. These are hard nasty creases. I just did a Panamera windshield after switching to a clear crush, and it went on fine. I'm about to do a civic windshield in a little bit, and I'll see how that one goes. I'm not calling 1 successful install a solved issue. I just don't understand why AIR 80 is the only film i have this issue with. I've done far more curved windows using stuff ranging from Scorpion to pinnacle, and don't have an issue with using the blue max.
  12. Soooooo does anybody else have issues with AIR 80 creasing super easy on install? Going slow and all the pressure I can put with my blue max, and it still creases on me pretty regularly. I've got plenty of slip on the windshield, and this is the only film i have this issue with. Is it just super thin?
  13. I was actually thinking about calling another dealer out of the area to see if they've had any complaints. I left a voicemail with the customer, but we're closing right now. So we'll see what he has to say when he calls back in. It may just be something to watch out for on these.
  14. We tinted a 2016 Accord Coupe around a month ago, and he says hes now having issues with his factory navigation not being able to locate a signal. We tinted the windshield with Llumar Air 80, Honda of course told him that it was the film on the windshield. He said it just started having problems within the last week though. Anybody else had any issues with these after doing a windshield?