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  1. If just water is used it will leave very small consistent water bubbles throughout the hole window. I do a horizontal pass at the top and then a vertical pass down the center and then work my way out to the sides, not always to the edge if you are trimming the film, just up to were the film is lifting of the glass so not to push the water to the frame and causing contamination issues . If you are trimming the film. Then I wet the film with a mist of slip and then I start at the bottom and do horizontal passes at 70% overlapped passes. Keeping the edge of the film and frame dry as I do so. When I get to the top and done I run a white teflon card around all of the edges of the film at a 45 degree angle to remove any remaining water trapped on the edge. Mist the window and squeegee it clean and dry the edges and the frame and done. If you feel the need go back after awhile and look at the window any water left behind do so on angle and see if you see any bubbles and if so push them out.
  2. Well it has been awhile, a few pics.
  3. ............How is it going All.............?
  4. So far we are looking good in MN, Thankfully.
  5. Thanks everyone for taking your time for the advice and also to alberts316 for the offer on the pre-cut kit as well. I do have a question on the ceramic coating, the car has been coated with ceramic on the paint, will that affect the adhesion of the PPF....?, I do like the idea of applying a ceramic coating to the PPF as that makes sense for the easy removal of bugs that I did not think of doing. Should I try and bulk the front bumper as in one piece , I think is the right term from what I have been reading........? ......... I do plan on doing the door edges as well, that I feel the most confident on doing....Lol
  6. I have a few questions regarding PPF, I just picked up this ATS coupe and I am considering installing PPF, not sure if I will give it a try myself or not. I have used it before and have some in stock but never on a vehicle, so my questions are for the pros on here. What parts of the car should I consider installing it on and how hard is it removing bugs on PPF, I get a lot of them and that is a big concern of mine after installing it.
  7. Vertical or sloped glass.
  8. Rain-X in the first pic applied to the glass and No Rain-X in the 2nd pic.
  9. What is that a printed wall graphic in front of the forklift......?
  10. Well that is Awesome Tom, Hopefully you took what I posted in that thread to help you improve on the "New DFD DC". Send me some samples so I can test it for you and then start a thread on here, can you post a Technical data sheet so I can see more info like LEED credits ....Warranty.....Optical Performance .....Etc.....?
  11. Really.......................https://www.tintdude.com/index.php/topic/73378-3m-dusted-crystal-replacement/?st=0