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  1. Making a Motor city pizza for dinner.
  2. I will explain why i think not enough slip was used, years ago I was installing security film that was rolled on the core backwards with the liner side out from the factory and it was an in-shop job with beveled edge glass. the film was lifting off the glass so I had thought lets see if just strait water would do the trick. It helped lay down a little more but not much, however when I came in the next morning the film had consistent water bubbles in the film. your pic reminded me of my situation. question for you . did you just do a vertical pass while squeegeeing the film. if not was a vertical pass done first or last.........?
  3. A couple things to that could be happening, if you leave your tank under pressure all of the time, i have seen the same issue as in clumps of something developing in the filter and the tip of the sprayer as well as temperature can cause this as well " not using ultra tint slim ", perhaps the maker of Ultra Tint Slime could better answer this. How do you know that the ceramic film is delaminating..................?
  4. From what I can see in the pic, looks like not enough slip was used during the initial install. should dry out in time
  5. Not as yet, I am sure it will happen soon though.
  6. Put some away for the Tax man, fun money and in the bank.
  7. The home owner called animal control later in the day and they came back out and then they seen it but could not catch it, It is a fox with mange and they will set a trap for it. I still think it had rabies because its face had blood and it was not scared of us.
  8. We were removing storm windows to install film and this thing was laying in the shrubs and came at us, ran to the van and this is what it was.
  9. The wife hit a nice win at the casino awhile back on a $3 bet.
  10. I do like the looks of it, I will have too look around more and see how it all works........
  11. What the heck is going on with the look of the forum here, a lot has changed since i was here last.
  12. Low-fat wallet....front or back pocket ....?
  13. Made $50 so far and the sale has not started, some family stooped by and made a few purchases at a discount. good start so far...
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