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  1. Thanks to everyone that responded to this post with their thoughts and tips...........
  2. I have a few years under belt installing many types of film as well as a few that never made it to the market place. I think at this point I got this Casper install down, installed a small job last week with the back up pieces from the larger job.
  3. Well I got the job done,this was the least favorite job I have Ever done to say the least. Now they want 10 more installed. the first job was 34. What I have found installing this film is that the amount of slip that they recommended will not work on all types of glass, as you all know film will react differently on different glass, as far as sticking faster. I ended up using more slip on this glass, it was 1/2" then laminate and then 1/4" because the rooms were conference rooms so I imagine the glass used was for noise cancellation. I also used some llumar cdf film slightly larger than the film installed for an overlay so not to scratch the non hard coat Casper film while installing, this film scratches by almost just looking at it,if a hard coat was used on this film it would not work. As far as pre-cutting this film,I cut all of the film on a glass table and made several passes with a new olfa blade with very little pressure till i cut through the film to get a decent edge. rolled the film up with the liner side out with a min 3" diameter. Sure wish I could post some pics of the job, however when i try and post pics on here it says the file is too large.
  4. I have a job next week installing the Casper Cloaking Technology Film, anyone installed this film before......?.........What are your thoughts on install.
  5. Still no go, keep in mind that I am Not tec savy..................This is what it said...... You are only allowed to upload 1,003.52kb. OK
  6. 3M NV-15.Sorry no pics, I tried from my phone and lap top, File to big.......
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    Answered my question I was going to post about..............
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    We just lost an Installer after 11 years, Anyone looking for a job..............?
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    I normally wake up at 4:10, the time change must of played a part in me waking up early. When did you get a shop .....?.............I had thought you worked out of your home.
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    ............ I was up at 2:30 today.
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    Time for some sleep, busy day tomorrow saving the world One window at a time......
  12. Well acutely most vinyl films come in just 48" and very few will be 60" in width, If you install enough 3M Dusted Crystal you will end up with a Lot of waste that should be figured in to the bid as with all films anyways. That waste will come in handy down the road as in FREE film ( long shelf life ) however if an old film would be used, I would not suggest using it on small plotter cut situations. If you need any 10" rolls let me know, I have a LOT............Lol