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  1. I just tripped across this thing at Lowe's. I figured I would share this so my fellow tinters could get there hands on one. It was a bit pricey tho. Heat gun = $99.00 2 batteries + charger $ 129.00 So far so good
  2. We just picked up a few rolls of IRX. So far so good with this stuff. We also installed it on our service vehicle. It works well and looks good so far.
  3. Did these two windows in N1020
  4. I use the High Performance Global and have had good results. The ceramic on the other hand failed after about two years.
  5. Then all that Matters then is that you did what you thought was right. You considered all the details the best you could and acted out of integrity. Bottom line. You put out a fire kept your customer and recovered your cost. Well done sir.
  6. And that " at best " would be a FAR stretch for me. I don't mean to give a customer a hard time but I just don't understand the whole make your problem my problem mindset when I have done absolutely nothing wrong.
  7. Correct, it was the interior glass that cracked. I don't think it matters which if it was inner or outer they would probably hung me with it because it came out of the shop with a crack where none existed when it came in. I don't honestly see how I could have done anything to crack it besides the pressure applied to squeegee it out. Now when it comes to that odyssey you did, when that vehicle left your care if no broken glass existed how could it possibly been your fault !? Why would you need an explanation on how that happened while someone else was in possession of the vehicle ? I would have fought that hand tooth & nail. Sounds like BS to me. Either way broken glass sucks! This was my first one my entire career.
  8. I have to be honest, I do plan on declining any further model 3's from this point forward. I do not think it's worth the hassle. And I have to be honest again, I agree with Roach the Tesla is not going anywhere any time soon.
  9. Everyone else I have spoken to says the same thing. I'll take your two cents all day long!
  10. Some crane I did for a contractor working on the I-4 ultimate project here in Orlando. It had to be tinted right where it was all while wearing Full ppe ( personal protective equipment ),. I can tell you working with a hard hat on was kind of a pita inside that small cab. Yes, I would do it again.