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  1. What is suggested for preventing spliced film from separating and peeling up. Did some large windows few years ago that needed to be spliced and over time they started peeling up at splice, going to redo them but don't want this to happen again. Thanks in advance!
  2. We had a couple of rolls of vintage that had a silver streak on it, sounds like this is what you have. Just tell your rep and I'm sure they will replace it
  3. Been using Solar FX for over 3 years now, mostly Vintage for dealer work, Carbon for retail. The 30% or 32% is best match in my opinion for factory glass. Vintage seems a little darker than Carbon. Zero warranties turned in so far on either films. Vintage is color weatherable and carbon is color stable.
  4. Just had customer come in with a failed inspection for not having his 3rd brake light visible up to 300 ft. Has anyone else come across this? He said it was a new regulation for inspection
  5. Got to say been waiting for this for awhile. It gives us dealers and your brand a more professional appearance. Thanks
  6. I believe you are talking about specks or trash in a completed job. Small imperfections can be rubbed out with a hard card or a chizler
  7. Just to shed some light on Pride...I've been using them for a few years. Matt and Angie are the best to deal with. When I need something they will make sure I get it, when there is a problem they solve it, not to mention the film which is Solar FX, is a film I know will last and be profitable for any tint shop.
  8. We use to use blades on every vehicle, however after replacing 3 door glasses on 14 model Chevy trucks we went to using scrub pads. It seems that newer models are using softer glass. Haven't had problems since
  9. tint103

    2015 300

    Just to follow up...we retinted the rear glass and torched it and layed down much better. The 15 models have a rubber gasket that is tight to the glass which caused the previous attempt to dry out funny, but all is good.
  10. tint103

    2015 300

    Cool will give it a try..thanks for the reply
  11. tint103

    2015 300

    Has anyone noticed the matrix on the rear glass has changed from the 14 model? We did one the other day and customer brought it back...the matrix is on the bottom of the glass and looked splotchy. We haven't noticed this before with earlier models.