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  1. Hi, went to see a job few days ago for someone I know. a 7 story building. The glass is about 12 years old has a bluish fairly reflective look from outside looking in, but the colour comes from a coating on the back of the glass. Over the years people have scratched the glass and some windows have lines which you can see bright daylight as if no tint. Also about half the windows have vkool which is starting to fail and look bad. It would seem almost impossible to remove the old film and glue without damaging the coating on the inside of the glass which would make the window look patchy and terrible. Ideas welcome thanks steve
  2. Hi Deadjame5. thank you for the reply. I have seen this product recommended before but can't get that here and also Amazon won't ship to this country. As I mentioned, some 3m products are here but all have different numbers after the words promoter and yet are called the same thing. thanks
  3. Sorry to bump the thread need an answer asap
  4. Hi which 3m primer is suitable for help sticking edges that won't lay flat of front windshield. I see 3m do a few but I can get my hands on this one 3M 94 Primer. I am in the far east so options here are limited. thanks guys
  5. Hi I have that Suntek and Garware of pretty hefty prices increase for the coming year. Anybody else heard anything?
  6. Well Fat Cat I was just showing th the heat box as I thought it was fairly decent for the money. The cost is about 150 $ plus shipping and works very well when demo with customers. Nor am I sea Launch is was just the one I took the photo of. I think with shipping to the states for single items it would be not cost effective. Maybe if a group of you or a tint tool company did a large order that would bring the cost down. Just trying to help fellow tinters here's a link if that helps anyone all the best steve
  7. Hi Guys been using this heat box to demo films with some of my customer and also supplying some of our dealers here. The top number shows the difference in heat before and after test. So the lower that number the better! The bottom number is the actual temperature in the area below the film. The 3 images show start of test during and after the test. Of course customers can also feel the heat difference by putting their hands below the glass and film slide. I find this heat box test great for up selling and also comparing crap Chinese quality films that seem to flood the market. As you know customers like to see real life demos where they can see and touch for themselves and to be honest this really has helped. Any feedback welcome. All the best steve