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  1. On 08/04/2010 at 8:45 AM, VIP tint + glass said: a rep came in today. film made in Korea. Unifil? sounds like Nexfil
  2. I don't think there's any tint for skylights that last 5 years. Metallized will oxide and dark films will severely fade after one summer.
  3. Likely that it is Asian made
  4. Sorry, my boss was with me. Did u see Rick Tallman?
  5. PPF is their last hope now.
  6. You can contact Nexfil USA and asked about their Dynasty films
  7. I think i just saw him at the WFCT yesterday.
  8. No sir, the same chemical is supplied to various factories.
  9. Update: Eastman Chemical Company and Commonwealth Laminating & Coating have filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit brought forth by an Asian distributor due to lack of personal jurisdiction. I am sufficiently amused. Instead of addressing the film issue, they focus their energy on getting the best legal-defense to dismiss the case. It is the same attitude that the engineers had when distributors reported about the defects. I can't speak for the rest of the world but smaller buyers are going to file suits in Korea against Eastman for their indifference.
  10. That was to max Suntek's revenue to fetch a better acquisition price from Eastman. Since mid-2010s, Steve & Jerry participated directly in the meetings and pricings with CA Koreans and FL resellers to transfer films to Sae Han's competitors in Korea. By now, both guys left Suntek. Eastman's Llumar team was also victims. Eastman's sub-brands managers in V-Kool, Llumar, Suntek, Vista was instructed to avoid fighting among themselves. After Dec 2015, Jerry & Bird continued to sell Suntek to Llumar customers around the world, marketing Llumar standard at Suntek price. There is nothing wrong with this and outside US, it is always easy for buyers to buy through another proxy facilitate this. Now, who would have imagined that such huge disparity exists between Suntek and Llumar's production standards. They don't understand that Sae Han is no pushover. They have businesses in many industry. Sae Han tolerated these nonsense from Suntek and cutting corners in quality was the last straw. Actually, Eastman would have little direct responsibility if they continued to bill Sae Han under CLC. Now that Sae Han filed the lawsuit and ready to support their allegations with support evidences from other international Suntek distributors if Eastman denied their responsibility under UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods,
  11. in Korea, we got killed by the HP Charcoal. Not only Sae Han almost stopped their business, the other Koreans who bought from the FL and CA resellers had the same issue.