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  1. Window Tinting, Flat Glass, Vinyl Wrapping, PPF Installations, Ceramic Coatings, 12V Installations - We do it all! Looking for multifaceted seasoned technicians. I've been with the franchise 9 years and own 3 locations in South Florida Between North Miami Beach and Deerfield. While others are struggling - we are busy and looking to add long-term, team-oriented, quality people to our team! Call me directly to discuss! Danny 954-780-9008
  2. Looking for an offsite Flat Glass Manager/Technician to develop our offiste devision. I am assembling a dedicated team for our flat glass and marine work - Looking for the right person to get started and grow together. . Ideal person is presentable, goal oriented, experienced sales person, can install and grow into managing a team. Great opportunity for the right person - have lots of leads coming in! I'm very open minded - willing to work with subcontractors, full time employees or part time employees. I own three Tint World locations in South Florida controlling the East Coast Territory of South Florida from Miami up to Deerfield Beach. Call me directly to discuss this opportunity. Ready to start immediately. Danny 954-780-9008
  3. So we've recently done a frost vinyl job in an office where we designed a pattern, cut it out on a plotter and installed it - Haven't done too many of these and although the job came out great the process seemed very slow and frustrating. The full pattern was 60" wide - 30" strip in the center with 9 1-2" strips on top and bottom going horizontally. The pattern was weeded and installed using a medium tack transfer tape. The transfer tape was difficult to remove and our strips took a while to align and finish. We already have a referral as a result but I'm looking for some insight on how we can improve our technique - The first thing that comes to mind is a low tack transfer tape - will that help? What are you guys getting on these types of job per sq ft? Do you charge a separate setup fee for design and prep or do you integrate that into the price? Appreciate any input! Thanks in advance! Danny
  4. My name is Danny - Owner of Tint World Fort Lauderdale and Tint World Sunrise. More locations are in the pipeline. Our Flat Glass demand has outgrown our operation and I am looking to add a full time flat glass professional. Ideal candidate will have sales ability and will be compensated for it! Only well experienced, presentable, well-spoken professionals please! Commission, flexible schedule, paid vacation and paid holidays, company vehicle - all the tools you need will be at your disposal. Looking to hire ASAP. Please call me directly at 305-766-4655. Thank you for looking! Danny
  5. Thanks for the confirmation! Was really hoping there was another way but I guess not.
  6. Hey everyone, A client has all of the bathroom windows done with a decorative frost film. They replaced one door and need to apply the same pattern to match all the others. Its 1"x1" squares with 1/8" gap - Each square is individually cut out so you can actually feed the edges of each one. I found this pattern as a whole but i'm trying to find the easiest way to get this done without having to sit there and space these squares out. Anyone familiar with an easy way to go about this? I can design and cut the pattern on my plotter - ween the spaces then possibly use a low adhesive transfer film to apply? I was also thinking to cut on plotter, apply as a whole and then peel the spaces off the glass after installation. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Danny
  7. The film formed these cloud like patterns in the tint approximately 8 months after installation. Has anyone seen anything like this before? The film used was SunTek's Carbon XP 18%. Any insight on this would be very helpful and appreciated. What would cause it? Is it in the film, in the glass or in between? Maybe the cleaning crew was using harsh chemicals to clean? Is that a possibility? Thanks in advance!