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  1. hey guys I have a question. I have three tint techs and I go through about 15 to 20 bottles a month because the bottles fall apart all the time. Now not sure if the guys are not taking care of the bottles or is just the quality of the bottle I Buy. The bottles I buy is from home depot spray master with a 5 year warranty.
  2. hey guys I know that there is some really picky customers out there and they inspect their tint job inch by inch. But from what I understand tint is not perfect. So is it normal when you are done with a tint job to see a few dirt bubbles or bubbles from the felt of the car? now my guys clean the inside of the windows very well and they wrap the window trims with tape to avoid any hairs coming from the felt of the trim. how perfect can window tint get? Thank you,
  3. hey guys I been in business for about 4 years now and I have two techs. We currently tint with suntek carbon and I have notice that when my guys install the tint they scratch the film often. I constantly give them new tools, and they are always cleaning their tools. I don't know if is suntek carbon that has a poor scratch resistent or is the tools. Now the tools are also sold by suntek. thank you in advance