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  1. My shop (myself, and 2 employees) we try to do one car per hour (whether it be front 2 doors, or a whole car)... Ideally (no way to control it really) would be if we could just do 4-5 whole cars per day, that would put us at our daily revenue goal... But a typical day usually consists of: 2 or 3 whole cars A back half or two and a couple front 2s... so somewhere around $1,200 / day or so.... BUT... we also have a commercial building, payroll, insurance, marketing (about $4k / mo), etc etc Here's this weeks schedule (we're open Tue - Sat)
  2. Our whole car plus visor is $250. We get most of our customers from the capitol city (about 20 mins away) so I've only increased prices a little over time, since our core customers have to drive a little ways to get to us.... 3 years ago our whole car plus visor was $200, so I'm on the right track I think haha
  3. Thanks guys. It turned out to be an A7 Prestige. Got her done.
  4. Got an Audi A7 coming in for PPF in an hour and I looked through our plotter software to get the patterns pulled up and theres like 10 different trims levels. How am I supposed to figure out which one it is? It doesn't normally say what trim level it is on the little sticker inside the drivers door does it?
  5. We used to carry Ultra, Vintage and Carbon but now we just carry carbon. Has a great color
  6. We're adding PPF to our service lineup this week. Where would you guys say most of your work comes from? Dealerships? Upsells on detailing or tint? For you shop owners, where do you advertise? Google Adwords doesn't seem to show hardly any searches for PPF so I'm trying facebook ads to start, to see if that peaks any interest. I've gotten very good at reaching my target market on all of our other services (tint, detail, remote start, vinyl etc) and just want to make sure I get a good start on selling this $X,--- investment in PPF material hahaha
  7. we us MetroRestyling and absolutely love it! the color and gloss is awesome as well as the adhesive! pretty cheap too! yall should check it out and let me know what you guys think. Ill check it out, thanks! Thanks for the pics, looks good. I already know there's going to be the occasional goof ball that wants it "blacked out" darker than that. Can you double layer it?
  8. Sweet I use uscutter for my vinyl stuff as it is, I like them. Is this the stuff you're talking about?
  9. Since you're doing detailing again have you looked into paint coatings like Ceramic Pro, C Quartz, Opti Coat, etc.? Good add-on to detailing I did just buy something similar from NanoSkin but havent had a chance to try it yet... this right here The HIDs I was getting from my distributor kept having problems, but could just be that brand. One of my competitors does the 22ple or glass coating stuff whatever it's called and my detail supply distributor who also sells to him was telling me that like every 3rd car he does he ends up screwing up the finish on it and has to sand it all back down or something... so I'm hesitant.
  10. I know someone mentioned Oracle above, but what other brands are out there for tail light tint? Where do you buy it from? We get requests all the time but have never tried it...
  11. We offer full service detailing (and headlight restore too) and just ordered our first roll of PPF. We also offer Remote Start, Heated Seats, Vinyl, obviously window tint, WeatherTechs and accessories... Just trying to figure out if theres other big opportunities we're missing out on. Thanks for the input guys!
  12. Lol I like it. Yeah we won't be offering colored tint because you're right, it attracts the broke people... I was just thrown off that he actually had pictures of colored tint that looked pretty good lol
  13. Ok now I've seen a lot of customers join the tint forums to ask "is this normal" and most of the time it is, and they're just being overly picky. But honestly that is terrible workmenship. I wouldnt even ask them to redo it because it will just turn out worse. Get a refund and ask them to strip it off, then take it to a reputable shop and warn them that there was film on the vehicle before (so they can take the extra steps necessary to ensure a professional tint and PPF job, knowing that its had film and adhesive on it before). It may cost you a little extra for them to do the thorough check to make sure they get all of the adhesive the previous shop lazily left behind, but itll be worth it. Be sure to leave the previous shop bad reviews on facebook, google, whatever so we can get this garbage off the streets. It's tainting the industries name.
  14. Had a customer ask us if we had colored tint. I told him no, that no reputable manufacturer makes colored tint and it will turn to garbage soon after install... Maybe I'm wrong? He showed me this, which I guess was installed 10 years ago by an old competitor north of us... Where do you even buy this crap? And good lord this must be stupid illegal....
  15. We usually offer Window Tint, Remote Start, Vinyl Decals and Detail Cleaning, but this year we got rid of Detail Cleaning because it makes the shop so dirty, and there's almost no money in it. We're trying to figure out what other services we can offer to fill in the slow times during the winter. We've been thinking about PPF but we have no experience with it so it'll take a while to learn I'm sure. What do you guys offer to fill in the slow times?