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  1. I have 2 of them one for each side of the car for side windows / quarters and I also have a rolling double sided glass whiteboard for rear windows and for weeding the patterns. I love it and can roll it right next to me when im ready for installation.
  2. Oh hell yeah that's what i'm talking about! How much did that cost you to make buddy? I am fucking impressed.
  3. 808 TINT

    808 TINT

  4. They grow up fast. I remember you having her like it was yesterday.
  5. Id pull it out. The bolts don't look to rusty. You can do it.
  6. Aloha Friends, The choice of Vehicles here in Hawaii are Toyota's and Honda's very easy vehicles to hand-cut but for productivity and liability purposes I will be using a plotter. I would like to ask your opinion which software would have the best cuts for these makes and models if you have tried others. I have used Tinttek in the past but haven't in like 10 years. I appreciate it as times have changed. Mahalos,
  7. Aloha Tinters, So I am wondering which of the two would be the best for tinting. I have owned a Q100 in the past and was wondering if those Jaguars were any better. Any input on this will help my selection when purchasing a new plotter. I love the way the Jaguars looks. Mahalos, 808 TINT
  8. I will tell em tomorrow when I speak to em.
  9. I spoke to Shady today and he said hes doing PPF now and has made himself an Apron for PPF specifically. I am trying to motivate him to make me some tinting ones lol.
  10. It's been almost 3 months for me of not drinking any alcohol.
  11. You folks be safe out there.
  12. What happened? To much to drink last night?
  13. Boom... Success! We good TD Thanks
  14. Thanks I thought it was only me. So am I the only one who can't access the main page when clicking the logo?
  15. I still got my 2 pouches man time fly's.