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  2. I agree with high plains. I almost always get marks on these even though I wipe off any solution as soon as possible. I always use some dilutes dressing and they look good as new. I also think it’s some sort of dressing that gets removed from solution.
  3. Hey guys. Hate to ask but does anyone have any LDA 70% they’d sell me. I only need 10’ or less but would buy a whole roll or whatever you have. Express will only sell it in 60” rolls now and I’m not going to buy 60” to throw half of it away. I’ve stopped offering it but have one guy that loves it and is wanting his new car done in it. Thanks for any help you may offer.
  4. Just finished a new hatchback civic. Shoot me
  5. That sucks. I’ve got a death trap of a rolling chair that I tint off of. I tell everyone that sits in it to sit at their own risk. It’s junk but perfect for what I do with it.
  6. Sounds like something I’d do. I tried to tell a guy today not to snatch the top edge waste that was stuck to his shoe off. He did it anyway and got a nice paper cut on his finger. Been a while since I’ve done that.
  7. I hate to start a thread like this, but thought it’d be interesting to hear what all injuries you guys have experienced while tinting. I’ve had the occasional cuts from tint and what not, but I just got ten stitches in my leg from a razor blade. I was stripping glue off a window and dropped my blade. Somehow it cut down my shin to the point that I could see my bone. Freak accident to say the least. It was kind of funny that my customer helped wrap me up. I had to put his door panel back on with blood dripping into my shoe. I’ll Spare the nasty pictures
  8. Sounds fishy the guy would take all those pics before the job, so he knew he’d have some ammo for after the job was finished. I don’t buy it at all. In the end, he got a free tint job and will never get the scratch fixed. If he posted pics we could all tell if the scratch was from the installer. I feel like this isn’t his first rodeo. Probably eats all of his dinner, then complains that it was no good to get it comp’d.
  9. this is a pretty neat car I did. It’s called a Holden from Australia. Was kinda like an Impala with a 6.2 in it.
  10. My experience was just the opposite. Racked up way too quick for me no matter how much I used. Went back to j&j
  11. Yea looks like an odd place to be making cuts to me. If it were closer to the dots I’d be more inclined to think they did it. They may know a technique that I don’t.
  12. Not that it would change my decision but is anything over 40 hours considered overtime? I don’t know what it would take to get me to do that job, but it would be a lot and probably more of a commission structure as opposed to hourly. Like someone said earlier. I work too hard to get paid hourly
  13. The picture being so close is what threw me off. Grill looked way too big to be a 1500. The high country 1500s are staring to grow on me
  14. That’s what I was thinking. Wondering how he got his hands on it.
  15. Is it rigid enough to squeeze in the top of a rear glass and hold itself up for the top cut?
  16. That’s a really bad job. I don’t believe someone charged 295 for just rear windows and I really don’t believe you paid for that.
  17. Frankie on normal windshields and half and half on big windshields. I reverse roll half of it to make it easier transporting and getting the film onto the glass
  18. I bought a pink clean and put it in the hand job too. Clever marketing by fusion but I am much quicker and cleaner by cleaning with a side swiper. It’s in the back of my drawer now not being used. Got the orange crush too for a handle. It’s a little too soft, just personal preference.
  19. After reading this I wrapped a paper towel around that harness on two different cars. Came back after I was finished and they weren’t wet. My floor is slightly sloped, must be just enough of an incline for the water to go somewhere else.