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  1. I advise my clients to stay away from pressure washers and automatic car wash for 3 days. Even then pressure washers WILL damage the PPF if you dont keep a reasonable (3 feet or 1 metre) distance Rain is not a problem Washing with a garden hose and wash mitt are fine the day after install.
  2. I work at a Kia dealership so I rarely see anything exotic and outside of vehicles coming out of the local body shop I get off fairly easy doing Kia's. Ive just been asked to do a bright red 2007 Mustang GT convertible with 99,000 km...HFM, rockers, trunk, A pillars, roofline, custom cuts on the inside of wheelwells, custom cut on the door sills. While its in relatively good condition to someone standing 5 feet away once you get it under the bright lights and get up close its got quite a few stone chips, many with touch up bumps, a few good scratches and one of the rockers has a dent. Ive warned the customer that this isnt really something that I'd like to do as it will have solution trapped under the ppf around the chips and touch ups....thankfully he didnt ask about doing the front bumper because I rarely do them and hate doing it. He just wants his 'baby' protected from further harm lol
  3. I work at a dealership and am allowed 1 hr for hfm and 2 hrs for tint installs on lot cars. This time includes basic prep (wash), pattern cutting and installation. If I have to deal with extra issues like rail dust Im given the time and any work done on a post body shop vehicle Im given an extra hour for prep time. I rarely do bumpers and hate doing them, but Im left alone to do them because I swear lots during the process. My employer is more concerned with quality and material expenses (doesnt like wasted material because I rushed and wrinkled a piece) so on more challenging pieces they cut me some slack.