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  1. If it's curling, you are using far too much slip in your mix. Or you are trying to apply the film to extremely hot glass
  2. SolarGard in Australia has a C90 Frost which is a very opaque crisp white colour. This is a poly frost and is the same to reverse roll and install as any solar film. Many tinters not used to working with vinyls will find this much easier to handle. Not sure if it makes it to the US catalogue.
  3. If you have noticeable swirl marks, have a detailer remove them before you get PPF fitted otherwise they will always be there. The PPF does disguise them somewhat, depends how 'perfect' you need the finished result to be. Coat over the PPF as others suggest
  4. Prestige comes in various vlt's. Which one are you trying to match?
  5. ^^^^ THIS. Best way I have ever found of doing a curved strip by hand.
  6. Make the switch now to UltraGard films and you will never look back. Peanuts are a thing of the past for me.
  7. Razor blades cause more damage than they are worth. I banned my employees from using them many years ago, except for sticker removal or R&R's Any hard card will be a good replacement, I use either a yellow conqueror or a Gold Card. These won't take off the real stuck on stuff, but they 'click' when they hit something that needs another look at. A hit with a white scrubbie, squeegee and away you go...
  8. Refer to Smarties advice above ^^^^ It's generally considered safe enough to install 5% non reflective film to single pane glass. It does load the glass up with a ton of Solar Absorption which turns the windows into radiators of heat, but generally single pane can handle the extra stress. Start adding extra issues like oversize panes, shading, glazing issues like bad seals or chipped edges and then you could have issues.
  9. 4 mm single pane glass is the norm rather than the exception in Aus for residential. JWF's night series film would be fine on single pane with the normal proviso of no existing glazing defects, but you will turn the windows into heat sinks, but hey..that's the look customers want here. Get Oceania to hook you up with a film to glass guide and pick your reps brains. The WFAANZ flat glass course would be worth doing if you're just starting out.
  10. I assume that you are selling the business Rob and not giving it away to any old Tom, Dick or Harry. From experience, buyers are looking for a turn key operation with trained staff in place. It might help your cause to hire an experienced tinter and then list your business with a good biz broker. It took me about 2 years to sell my last tint business with land and buildings (marketing, systems and staff in place) , but we had to kick the broker's butt on a regular basis to keep him focused.
  11. 000 Steel wool and a very smooth shrink and you won't have any problems. Don't use wet/dry, even 2000 grit will leave marks on the glass. But really, 37 years exp and this is the first time you have come across peanuts???
  12. Fair call. You have experienced something with SG that I haven't . Many swear by SunTek , yet I have experienced far more premature auto film failures with this brand than any other I have ever used.
  13. solargard process for cleaning their film before they put glue on creates distortion in their films. Last year Tom Bird tried to get me to come back to sg. He assured me they had solved the issue. He sent me samples. I opened a box of their premier windshield film. Same as before distortion. Sad really as I was a dealer for almost 20 years. ^^Can't agree. I used SolarGard for over 10 years and have always found SG to be a high quality product. The optical clarity was fine and I only processed a handful of warranty claims in that time. I mainly used HP Supreme and Quantum in the auto line up and just about every film in their FG catalogue. I also used pretty much the entire SunTek range for around 6 years and the amount of warranty claims on Carbon and CXP I experienced have been crippling. If it's a choice between the 2, go solarGard all the way. SunTek is an inferior product by far.