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  1. Here are 2 other photos I took not long after my original ones. I feel like with this tint it looks more silver. Sometimes it appears dark like in my first photos then in other photos like these it seems much lighter. Same camera (phone) used. Slightly different time of day. What do you make of these two photos?
  2. Is there anyone on this forum that is a Huper dealer/installer in the So Cal area? Might need to get them some business.
  3. Let me ask you this, what would you charge for a car like mine? Normal price. As now I'm questioning the value of what this was "worth".
  4. Crap, I hope you aren't right but you probably are. Anyone else want to weigh in just to be sure as this is a punch in the gut.
  5. This shows the rear and sides. Ceramic 40 is what I was told. I made them full size if that helps for zooming in.
  6. I'm a big novice, not sure what that is to be honest unfortunately.
  7. Do you need far away pics, or close up photos? A particular time of day or angle?
  8. I bought a car (used) and the seller told me it had Huper Optic Ceramic. I've seen that tint in the shops and its amazing how it blocks the heat and it's overall quality. Although I don't think he was lying, or mistaken, but how can I test that? I'm sure I can take the meters they have in the shops and test it to see if it matches specs but I don't have that meter of course being an end user. Ditto on not having those heat lamps they use in the displays in the shops. Any ideas? If there is an installer in my area (Los Angeles) that can test it, I don't mind paying you a "consultation fee" for peace of mind.