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  2. I've actually tried to contact Ralph a couple weeks ago through pm because we've had another 2 cars come back since this first post. That had the exact same problem. So now we have been trying to contact him but haven't had a response since November 2nd...
  3. yeap they suck sometimes. especially those civics that have the bigger visors and they also covers the whole front edge of glass closet to the mirror
  4. Thanks for the response Ralph. So this is something that is known about? That is, since you said you've been able to trace approximately 100 rolls that have failed like this. I guess we were just one of the unlucky ones. Since you've been able to trace those rolls don't you know who they were sold to; and how many of the rolls were purchased by a certain company? I'm just curious if we can expect more cars coming back or if it was just a couple bad rolls we purchased?
  5. No. I haven't heard anything from him yet. Not too worried about a few warranties. I'm sure he will contact soon.
  6. Nope. Just a regular wagner $25 heat gun from home depot.
  7. I'm really just curious; is this happening to anyone else? It has to be happening to other people since I've had 3 come in failing the exact same way. I have nothing against flexfilm I mean it comes with a lifetime warranty so we could get paid for the job if we wanted to claim it. Again I'm just wondering if this is happening to anyone else that uses the same film.
  8. No not yet. I will if we keep getting these cars coming back. Ive had 3 come back so far with the exact same problem
  9. Here are the photos showing what I am talking about. It happens on both rear windows and rollups. We have had couple of different cars with the same problem. They were about 4 months apart in installation date, so wouldn't be the same roll. Maybe the same production run though. It was the Omniflex Color Stable film. The first photo showing that it also faded, originally a 35% measuring around 32% on the car.
  10. Sometimes it will come off good. Most of the time there is a thin layer of glue that comes off pretty easy.
  11. Has anyone else had problems with flex film failing after a year or so? It always seems to look the same on the rear window. It will have large fingers coming from all edges of that rear glass. I'm just curious if this a common thing with this film? We stopped using this film Nov. 2014 and now a lot of those cars are coming back. Could it just have been the line of Flex we were going with? By the way I have nothing against Flex, I am just really curious if its possibly the solution I used or just the climate?
  12. "I want it to be legal, but I also want it to be dark" "Film goes on the outside of the car?"