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  1. Hello Jofo, DynamicATL who has been a wonderful and respected contributor to this forum makes a good point. I don't think you can go wrong with sticking with the Classic Black from Express. Not just in the short term either.... It's a hard balance to offer a high quality film to beginners and seasoned professionals alike, however I think the Classic Black offers just that. We all had to start somewhere I guess and I know that I had to learn some hard lessons that could have been avoided if we had access to the social networks available today. I can recall 'bumping' into other tinters by chance and striking up conversations. "What film do you use?" was one of the first questions asked... You see Jofo there was no medium for tinters then to vent their frustrations on issues and failures that one would experience with today's options... Heck... The president of the USA tweets his thoughts on the run. My point? For me to find out if a product I was installing was going to have issues it was a matter of running into other tinters that were experiencing issues themselves. Many of those issues have certainly be confirmed since, but these days major failures can be shared virtually in an instant. The thing that Express window films has is experience. They have been around since 1980. Their president Howard Paritsky knows a thing or two about window film. He has to endure the hard lessons regarding what window films are best to distribute and what is best to avoid. It's the knowledge that Express has accumulated over the past 4 decades that has been so valuable. They could go for the products that are supplied by the guy that comes over for a BBQ every Sunday or the folks that seem super nice to deal with. It's tempting for sure... However those hard lessons have been the best lessons learnt in understanding that when things go bad, nobody wants to back up their promises. You mentioned you use the Classic Black range. Here's some interesting information that very few people may know.... The custom specific Classic Black formulated polyester first ran of the production lines almost a decade ago, since that time there has been 33,000,000.00 sqft of this true color stable premium film distributed to all parts of the Globe. That equates to around 1 million vehicles professionally fitted with this film. The most amazing part of these statistics is that there has not been a single longitudinal failure reported to this very day! Hopefully this information helps in understanding why choosing a distributor that has such vast experience helps when choosing the right products. I think in time you will begin to understand that consumers are not looking for a cheap option, but more a reliable service. Have you a great weekend. Michael.
  2. Hi Killerbear, Whilst I can't claim to have to have any personal experience installing Flexfilm, I wanted to put forward an observation in the hope it will help folks avoid potential future frustration. Many on this board have witnessed the birth and progression of Flexfilm. From the start there were clouds lurking over the integrity of the owner of the business. We've seen some very unhappy individuals come out of the woodwork that have stressed their anger regarding the outcome of using the said products from Flexfilm for a prolonged period. Many expressing their concerns and some warning others from learning the difficult lesson they had to face. Some individuals that supply products to businesses stand behind their goods and take care of those that have trusted them to help take their business to the next level. Some are interested in themselves and when things go wrong, they are ready to blame others for their failures and construct a story to weasel their way out of having to follow through with the things they promised at the beginning. With this said it does come as a surprise at times when I see some of the angry former Flex customers that we don't see the owner defend his position. To his credit some how manages to just make up a story, ignore the issues until they go away and wipe himself off and keep going for the next potential sale. There is a few of us that refer to him as 'Teflon Ralph'. Simply because it seems like nothing sticks. As a solution to a new film option, could I suggest looking for a product that has a proven track record. Forget price, it's all relative. There is some great products available from companies like Eastman and Garware (And others) that have been given good feedback here from some of the best installers on TintDude. I hope this helps. Michael.
  3. Dear Tint PB, My thoughts are that 3M run a wonderful brand push. However my personal thoughts are that 3M don't put enough focus on usability. I will be brief. I would suggest contacting the crew from Express Window Films based in Orlando to ask for the best range to suit your needs. In my defense for sounding like an advertiser that would receive kick backs, I can only say that the experience that Express offers has made ours better. I feel it a good business/life decision to contact the peeps at Express and have them share their unsurpassed knowledge. Michael.
  4. Dear Taco_Conch, The extremely experienced folks that have offered you advice are correct in me own opinion. I felt the desire to respond simply because I have contracted a long term (High volume) dealership tinter in the past 18 months and his inner most thoughts are that he was being used and tinting in the same place for the same ungrateful people day in and day out was "Soul destroying". He is not engineered for running a business of his own, but he is a wonderful people person, so he is an absolute pleasure to work with and I feel like he is an asset to the business. There's more than meets the eye in regards to running a business of your own... Leaving work at 5pm sharp is not an option if you want to grow your biz. It's funny how confidence can play such a critical roll in business and it sounds like you just need to speak to someone experienced that can point you in the right direction from a business aspect to be able to assist in your current situation. Take a deep breath and reside in the fact that you have the skills that your employer needs. Hope this helps. Michael.
  5. Hi Bestdealtinting, The new 3M supplier is Spicers. Hope this helps.
  6. Hey there, I'd like to take a moment to make mention here on the best tint forum in the world that we have connected with an efficient air-freight service to offer the entire range of window film and tool products to our mates across the ditch. A vast choice of quality Automotive, architectural, safety/security, decorative and specialty films, along with our entire tool catalogue can now be quickly and safely distributed to all parts of New Zealand. We stock some hugely successful products, both automotive and architectural that are very well suited to the NZ market that are yet to be experienced outside of Australia. An added bonus to this, is all tinting operators can now access and use the advanced GTSpro APP to produce professional and fast quotes/estimates and purchase products in seconds. For more information, or to request samples and pricing, please register your interest at or to download the GTSpro APP simply follow this links below.. Apple (Itunes) Android Looking forward to saying G'day. Many thanks, Michael (GTS)
  7. Hi CncCustoms, I can understand that you don't want to miss out on a good paying job, however if you do decide to proceed given the chance of glass failure is pretty high, you might want to cover your bases by having the customer accept the risks involved in writing. Express Window Films may have a product that suits if the total area of the pane is less than 40sqft. I'll attach the information to this post. NE Neutral 35 - (TSER) is 50% Hope this helps.
  8. Hi Tint-Titan, Nice to E-meet you. Manufacturing your own window film would be a heck of an adventurous achievement unless you have a surplus of capital you wouldn't mind laying on the line. Total investment would really depend on the level of quality you would like to have for the finished product. There are a number of window film producers/manufacturers that would be happy to take your money and attempt to construct the film you desire if you are able to meet their MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity). My guess is they will only invest the time and energy into creating your specific recipe in the event it will be a product they will produce again and again. If you want to build your product with the best components money can buy, you will only be able to do so via a small few 'manufacturers'. These will be the bigger producers of finished goods that have access to the very best in adhesive, particle and color/colour stable technology. The draw back is those guys already produce a vast amount of window film, and supply components and polyesters of differing stages to other window film assemblers throughout the world, and might not be interested in making a '1 off' line. Who knows?? My hope would be that you achieve your goal and make the best window film on the market... I worry that it would be a long journey for you, and could be very expensive. Hope this helps. Michael
  9. Nice waiting area! All adds to the customers experience and satisfaction. Cheers
  10. Hi Rayno Rick, I'm not sure why you have assumed my post was directed at you? Did my statement strike a resemblance to your current practice? Thanks for the biblical agriculture advice... I agree wholeheartedly.
  11. Hello Fea, Nice to e-meet you. You are blessed to be able to access a number of very good quality options. Given your harsh environment, you will need a range that has a history of longevity. The very highest performing films that fit this criteria come from Eastman and Garware. Their adhesive formula has been time tested for a generation. Huper Optik, Llumar, Global, 3M would be brands that might suit your market. I believe that Mist of Miami is the Global distributor for the UAE, so they could look after you from a Global perspective. Or Express Window Films carry's a vast catalog of products that would include a premium range that may suit your needs. I'm not sure who represents Eastman in your area, but maybe the great, admired and well respected Smarty 2 Shoes could assist. Good luck in your venture. GTS
  12. Hi Rayno Rick, Companies such as those you mention put a great deal of energy and expense to give the tools that their customers need to be able to get the best return on their purchase of products. Years of brand building, marketing and support structure and sales materials, supply chain, warranty policies and networking... This is the driving force behind the growth and success of those that install the products.. I'm sure it's much harder than running a Facebook group from your phone and giving the old "Hey guys... Wink Wink, it's another more popular brand in a different box for a few bucks less". ;-) ;-)
  13. Hi jaydossignet, Kind words... Thank you. Your a pleasure to deal with yourself. Be safe.
  14. Hi Quality Tintz, The heat lamps demonstrations themselves don't lie... It boils down to the individual that is demonstrating. A heat lamp can physically prove to a customer how well a film can reduce transmission of Infrared heat. However the customer should be aware that when they are driving their vehicle out under the earth's sun, it produces vibrating photons in the form of solar energy that simply won't be emitted from an everyday heat bulb. An Infrared heat bulb puts out energy in the wavelength that humans are most sensitive to, (Vibrating photons that penetrate our skin) however IR energy is only part of what causes 'heat build up'. So I think a good way of describing the effect that a heat bulb demonstration offers would be 'The instant feel factor'. The reduction of IR in summer might feel pleasant... However IR heat can be quite welcoming during the cooler periods. Think of how nice it feels to turn on your bathroom heat lights and stand under them when getting out of the shower... Make sense? For an accurate overall gauge of a films performance, it would be best to refer to the 'TSEr' Total Solar Energy Rejection. This accounts for the IR performance. Hope this helps.