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  1. Thats not going to cure out lol
  2. deadjame5

    M240 amp!!

    Pretty sure that warning was added because of me 😂
  3. deadjame5


  4. Ive done a few of them. I hold the pattern from the top and let it kind of roll into a taco. Ill tint the rest of the car before I squeegee those out.
  5. Somebody on fb actually tried tellind me that crap was better than llumar ceramic 😂
  6. Average heat reduction is around 55%
  7. Probably going to have to replace the amp. Same thing happened to me, so I started a thread in the BMW section to warn others. That amp with installation will run around $2200
  8. Here's my latest 850 @no ma'amI 😎
  9. yep whole car. The covers on the door locks look just like the new X5, but I couldnt get them out and really didnt want to break the first one lol
  10. I thought these were pretty easy . Took me forever to figure out how to remove the stupid brake light cover though
  11. I hit all areas like that with compressed air to blow any debris out
  12. deadjame5

    New 8 series

    oh and there are a ton of wires and an amp on the right side of the trunk. The towels I stuffed in there came out dry, but I will always continue to make sure they are covered JIC