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  1. Thats not going to cure out lol
  2. deadjame5

    M240 amp!!

    Pretty sure that warning was added because of me 😂
  3. deadjame5


  4. Ive done a few of them. I hold the pattern from the top and let it kind of roll into a taco. Ill tint the rest of the car before I squeegee those out.
  5. last 2 weeks of October were terrible for me
  6. Somebody on fb actually tried tellind me that crap was better than llumar ceramic 😂
  7. Average heat reduction is around 55%
  8. I really wish they took the same pride in window patterns like they do with ppf smh
  9. Probably going to have to replace the amp. Same thing happened to me, so I started a thread in the BMW section to warn others. That amp with installation will run around $2200
  10. Here's my latest 850 @no ma'amI 😎
  11. yep whole car. The covers on the door locks look just like the new X5, but I couldnt get them out and really didnt want to break the first one lol
  12. I thought these were pretty easy . Took me forever to figure out how to remove the stupid brake light cover though