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  1. I See yellow in my ultravision film.
  2. Somebody , is IT posible to do this? Curvy back window
  3. What film do match the rear window? Im doing 2 front window.
  4. int film from express window film how dark is safe for the window ? have used 20% no problem. will have some darker film next time
  5. I see WFR RELOADER KRYOS have some new tool. does it work good ?
  6. Tryed 4 times now:/ now i dont Get a Good shrink outside :/ I dont Get IT flat. Too much tension in botom and and the side. IT just lift.
  7. Tips to remove door panel ?
  8. Hello, i used llumar atr 5 on backwindow. The shrinking was all flat and Nice . Was pefeckt . but when install time IT just lifted the side and botom. To much tension in the film. Started the senter down and up. Then the side AS i do every time. But this was my First vett back window. Did i install IT wrong? Tips too avoid thension? Maybe try with cb 5 stronger glue?
  9. Any tips too remove for panel on Passat ->17 mod
  10. any tips on this modell? remove the hole panel or pop of the top ?
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