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  1. sucks you got to pull the panels to remove sweeps.
  2. poppawilly67

    2020 ram 1500

    super easy to pull sweeps on. remove the plastic cover behind door handle. remove screw. top of the panel pops back with little effort and remove sweep.. no felt seals to tape. this truck is easy money. make sure you cover door panels to protect stitching on top of the door panel.
  3. ask for a redo. if the redo comes out the same, then ask for the tint to be removed and a refund. window tint installers are just like everyone else, they have their good and bad days.
  4. i drive a 2004 4 door silverado. i have 5% over factory, 5% on front doors with a 10" windshield strip (measured at the ends) across the top. riding dirty in oklahoma.
  5. bottom load here. the only time i top load is if i have to fight to get a sweep out or i just want to top load for the sport of it. 90% of the time, its bottom load because if i have the sweeps out, i can cover the door panels.
  6. gaps do look a little excessive on the wings and rear glass.
  7. if i was starting out, i would start with tinting cars. heat shrinking makes or breaks tinters. learn how to to back car back glasses in one piece. another tip is learn how to prep as the installation is as only good as the prep. and last but not least, only use stainless steel blades on glass NOT CARBON. dont get in no hurry. take your time and do good prep and installs. no light gaps. make it pretty.
  8. i use a jiffy j-4000 to remove film. and if it dont take the glue with the film, i use ATR and a white scrubby to loosen it up then paper towel it right off. presuming we are talking about automotive tinting.
  9. what he said. wont bother me one bit. ive spent time in military so ive been called worse.
  10. sometimes i do and sometimes i dont. if shop doors are closed, i dont. if doors are open, i do. i prefer to do all my tinting with bay doors down but i seem to attract more walk ins when doors are up.
  11. just purchased a redline and used it yesterday on a 2014 silverado. when i rolled the truck out of the shop, all windows where blistered AF on the inside.
  12. every thing i have done to try and eliminate gaps have failed. im convinced the only way to do these quarters and not gap them is to pull the glass. even the clear liner with a sharpie pattern dont work.