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  1. How, as I too use DAP and it won't allow me to adjust anything...
  2. OH you want to see German Nazi, hold my beer said the female officer LOL
  3. As a dealer you don't have to call your orders in, simply log in online and order them from your portal. No issues with Client support.
  4. I too got married in '06... we have yet to put the album together, perhaps we hired the same guy under the same promises LOL.
  5. A small piece of medical tape at the beginning of the day can solve your issue.
  6. Who can understand these millennials LOL, is all the social aspect of who you want people to see. These kids renting cars because they do not want to finance is the new trend, just so they can have the newest model each and every time. Total waste of money so you can get more IG likes lol
  7. Works well, very bright. Just don't yank it by the wire when removing from inside the car. Get a power adapter so you don't have to plug into the vehicle, it makes it easier to set up.
  8. Elite Window I did mine on GoDaddy on my own.
  9. Will the warranty claims deliver your payment as fast? To get you into buying is easy for them... once the catch is on the table is easy pickings. I have seen a few shops here use it, even fly their banner... I cannot face palm myself anymore every time I see one using it.
  10. There is a plastic shield sold to install on your WS, when ready to drive, just remove it and the WS is clear 100%. People are really Lazy.
  11. Her shirt has the shops name on it... indeed a high volume on a very busy road...
  12. What a waste of time......
  13. This post makes 'OTHER' Florida tinters that really care about our work, skill and reputation to be INCLUSIVE as a general expectation for clients that will read on these threads... But for real, Volume does not equal quality....
  14. Can you still save the glass after removal of such coating?