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  1. Yep that was my first answer but they did not want any reflective. I love that DR express makes. Seeing that the Glarecut has the same specs as automotive film. I think I will end up using a premium automotive 5% unless somebody suggest that is not a good idea.
  2. I tinted a store front 5 years ago with 20% Express glare cut. There is fade and especially where previous signs and decals were. SO the owners also want to do 5% because they are gangsters. Question: I need a non reflective, color stable, no fade 5% for these single pane storefront window. I understand glarecut may be a reboxed automotive tint. COULD I just use a color stable automotive film for this application? I need film suggestions. Thanks people!
  3. Here is some Gold on the adhesive side and silver on the inside. Thanks for this. These look pretty good. What about black looking out instead of silver. Ever seen one of those?
  4. I knew excatly what the competitors quoted. They told me beforehand what they quoted. The main objective is to get rid of all curtains and blinds in the restaurant. So dark is what they want. And bossman said the the gold or bronze color would be perfered.
  5. I'll let them decide. I did DR 5% from EWF earlier this year on a smaller restaurant. If they would chose this rather than the bronze/copper I would be happy guy. And they get what they want minus the exterior color. It looks like normal smoke tint looking out which is what these customers want.
  6. I checked out the Ewf but they are not dark enough. The only thing I dont like about the Gold is the super reflective silver on the interior side. I may have to just try to convinced them to go with a DR film rather than bronze.
  7. Just left a job estimate at a sushi restaurant. 300sqf of glass and the Owners want a Bronze gold or copper color film as dark as possible. They mentioned 5% but I think the lowest out there is 15-25%. They said another company showed them a film that was gold on exterior side and regular black looking out. So can anybody guide me to a manufacture that will sell me a gold or bronze film that may be black on the interior side, darker the better. ?
  8. Acura legend coupe- rear window and especially the shifting quarter windows. Any jeeps with the hard top cover-contamination king Older hatch back honda coupes- rear glass may have a wing in the way and hard to shrink And I always had problems with the nissan 240 back windows. So i dont do those anymore.
  9. i've done plenty of work for officers squad cars and even personal vehicles. All of which were not legal shades/full windshields ect. Kinda shocked me on how cool they were with me about it.
  10. I rather tint that boat, the windows look easier to walk up to and just tint. I am doing it tomorrow morning. Wish me luck.
  11. I am actually considering tinting on the outside as a final resort it. the winshields are worst. i cant even reach half my hand in there with the ceiling in the way
  12. Exactly how I see it. Same with farm equipment. Seems like the only boats I get or 40' and bigger. I can already tell this one will be a nightmare. Can somebody invent the outside tint already.
  13. How on earth am I going to tint these side windows. there's a frame on the inside obstructing the glass, Pretty sure its all fixed solid. you can kinda see it on the pic. The whole boat will be a nightmare but its a good friend and I refuse to pass on the job.
  14. I just remembered he tried to make me fix the speck after he got his money.. Funny guy but no.