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  1. google and nasa are satan... the chrome logo is 666...no joke f them
  2. when words anger you anyone can control you with words..im like water you cant phase me...lighten up boss, bro,chief,brother, buddy etc. take the money and smile damn u need a vacation..

    2019 Altima

    basically a maxima with a new back quarter that has no matrix but its not super tight
  4. waiting to hear back from them its amazing that nobody covers tint policies so they know they can squeeze us whata raquet! liberty mutual and state farm are the last 2 options it seems and they straight up told me they raised prices because well they can and shouldve years ago??
  5. been using liberty mutual was 747.00 for years now they hit me with 1600.00?? GAVE THEM THE MIDDLE FINGER!! wondering if anyone has a number or name for me to get a better quote im striking out as nobody covers tinters anymore wtf????
  6. who are you guys using in 2018 all ive found is state farm and liberty mutual offering a plan for tinters and liberty mutual is trying to bend me over now just cause they can
  7. Ill try the target brand jnj its amazing how europe has different ingredients than usa they made em get rid of all the cancer causing stuff allegedly, but we bathe babies in it??? Once i read about that ive never bought jnj only the paraben and pathalate free brands? dont quote my spelling but ya those 2 things removed says on front of bottle made by well beginnings.. and yes since the switch i havtn had that film that builds up on the walls
  8. Ok i will avoid thanks guys i currently love the jnj walgreens brand without parabens and crap mixed with tint slime.. i feel the slime keeps my bottles clean but really its because i hated just slime its too watery alone and pretac was an issue. So this is how im getting rid of it lol..
  9. Im thinking a new scent might be nice currently i mix jnj and green tint slime together about 50/50 love it but saw this purple bottle gonna give it a go
  10. Use one red dot for the top edge and another for cutting on the glass and snap em frequently if doing mobile without peelboards if you still scratch glass its not clean or you are using way too much pressure
  11. Yep happened to me windows wont roll up key fob wont be recognized..
  12. Yes key fob will stop recognizing and windows wont roll up or down unless car is started by putting key fob in cup holder area designated key fob holder thing... these cars are ez but i will never touch another one there is no way to cover the electronics in the back deck as they are hidden..
  13. Hey guys just did a new e300 2016 really easy went light on the water and the key fob still wouldnt recognize itself..windows stopped rolling up and down unless u put key in cup holder area where it fits in key spot then when started it will roll down and up but only if running..luckily it is a friends gonna hope it dries out overnight fingers crossed.. ok all is well it dried up but try explaining that to a customer who isnt a friend or family not fun..