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  1. One time I put solar FX on a back glass to prep... left for a minute came back and it tinted itself. That's good film
  2. Ya there is a lot of titters in Arkansas. I grew up in pine bluff about 30 minutes south of there. Find a good location there and do audio with it. There is a lot of people there that likes their music loud.
  3. What's a not so important customer. All of mine are important. Watch rykers video in his link and learn that. Pretty cool
  4. 2 years ago and they r just now finding this out? I would think this would have been noticed like a month afterwards. I don't know your answer but that just my 2 cents
  5. Looks like you forgot to do the side windows on the vectra
  6. I think that would do the trick!!! Lmao
  7. I use SolarFX Prime series on everything I do. I have yet to come across a vehicle that the 20% didn't match. I'm sure there are a few that it don't but I've had pretty good luck with it!!