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  1. what percentage of alchol to water do you guys use for application?
  2. 'just about any' the polyethlene they use is not paint friendly. Been there, done that. Its not like it falls off, but you can scrape it off with your CC
  3. drag is not an issue really with a yak, you can barely paddle 5mph it wont cost $75 to do the 13'x15'' area so why not? might be a new and easier area to tap.
  4. i,m using it to keep oyster/rock scratches off the bottom.
  5. Got a new kayak and was thinking about using some as a sacrificial layer of sorts ? They only stay in the water -8 hrs. and they yak bottom is smooth as a paint job ( as of now) Ya'll ever seen it used as such? obviously going to do the bottom (G)