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  1. Hey mates. If my opinion and advice is worth anything, it's got nothing to do with your "competition," and all to do with your positioning. Get used to the fact that people want a cheaper price. I'm sure if you were about to buy something, you'd want to know you were getting "value for money" Note I didn't say "cheapest price" If I were you,I wouldn't be thinking "why do my customers want cheaper price" I'd be thinking, "why do my customers need to look around after I quote them?" I know your good, and try everything to be professional.... but if your problem is your customers going elsewhere before committing, the only way forward is to work on yourself and your business.... I know I wasn't around for TOO long, but I managed to get enough work pretty quick.... I'm in a heavy front line sales job in your area. I know we want to stay away from "selling" and pretend that the right customers will eventually come. ... but if I could help you to close your prospective customers with your business ASAP and not have them wander around looking for something else after your quoting (which only brings your gross profits down at the end of the day) and I could help you have your customers seeing value for money in your "brand" and booking with you after one conversation and not wandering, you'd be interested wouldn't you?
  2. Coincidentally 3M black knight(cs) has been making an entry into dealerships.... such as the Sutton's group. ..
  3. With the attitude you have, I would suggest to not give up on yourself, take some contract work even with hpwf and have another crack! Good luck. I'm not tinting too much anymore really but if you need someone for support let me know Dean 0422758218 I could maybe help you with getting work or helping you put yourself out there.... If things are slow for you, it's because of what your putting in. Don't blame anything else because it takes away your power to make It come your way. contract yourself there's plenty of money doing that..... Don't throw your own gig away because times are tough, get tthrough it!
  4. Get an introduction video as well. From what I've researched, people are more likely to not just listen, but believe the words from you if you speak them as opposed to what is written.
  5. Accreditations. Have plenty of accreditations.
  6. ??? Don't understand the questions. Will be all brands, the choice is up to the dealer once we have established what it is the individual market is, most likely a mix or combination of a few brands. Strategy is dependant on the individual market to the dealer. With that it is also a manufacturer warranty. Only time the purchaser handles the warranty is when you purchase products with no label in exchange for a cheaper price
  7. So you believe there's no Australians getting paid to sell aswf? You sound like your trying to make a lot of justifications for the film. Can I ask, given you use so many lines of film, why would there be a need to look for anything else? If your answer is "cheap" is this because you were looking to target a market that wants "cheap" and if your giving them "cheap" to satisfy them, can you put aswf on par as you say with the other guys when the whole reason for it seems to revolve around price? Forget about the quality issue or whatever. Why do you buy aswf, why do you sell aswf, would these customers purchase anything else. Does it really come on the same level as anything else. If you want a cheap film just use a cheap film there's nothing wrong with admitting that but don't feel you have to justify it
  8. FYI I would be supplying the plotter and program.... as an investment to the installer or dealer wherever it's done... As well as demonstration material and promo
  9. Haha thanks guys. H.G.i appreciate it. Exactly what I'm doing. What's the vision? That someone like me can create something great, that is all. No more whinging about "motorone" took my work. I've researched them thoroughly and I respect them more than I ever have. Their a machine for a reason. I'm just going to be better. Yes ppf will be tricky. The hardest part is finding someone willing to install, I have found one shop, long as it's brought to them which is fine, if the dealer was remotely close to them. I'll keep it in mind ash. Am I a supplier? Yes Sir, and the very best one that can be found. Every supplier has to be biased, or they don't sell.... If the customer stopped using that product, the sales rep would stop caring... because I make the same off any product I supply, my opinion is unbiased and always catered towards the individual client (dealer) Product specialist, aftermarket department repairer bahaha. I don't jump on peoples work either that's your work. I supply the product and give the work back to the people. Your install rate is what you decide, simply take your supply price off and install. Everybody wins. I just have to work 21 hours a day to make it happen. All in all, I know some of you guys think I'm off my head and etc..... I stopped caring about that ages ago and started getting my own. For 2 months I've been calling one dealership everyday. Everyday leaving a message. Finally by chance I get the gm on the phone. He told me he was busy I called again and we made a time. After 3 months my day comes I call him in the morning to confirm and was rescheduled for next month. This isn't the first time, but every time I know it's up to me and it's not over until I win. It's not fun, so the more help I could get the better. Anybody do dealer work who gets shafted by them and thinks we can both win let me know. I do what you can't you do what I can't. ... so let's work together.... Let's open doors....
  10. There are those that say they can, and those that say they can't. Both times these people are right. If you do not believe it is possible, then there is no benefit in listening to you. Most of the time, people will say "you can't do it" because they cannot do such themselves. Wish you the best, in what it is that you do to strive to do something great.
  11. Hey guys, long time no talk. Im building a new aftermarket supply company. Obviously this is public so i can't go into too much detail, but i have analysed and assessed motorone to the core. Not just the business or businesses, but who works there, what they do, where they worked before, their history and experience, what benefit they bring to each company, what benefit each company gives to worldmark and how worldmark uses that benefit for the client (dealer). Every product they have, i have everything including the actual presentation they give to the client. Should motorone be worried? not at all. I can't compete with m1, I'm just me. So i won't compete, I'm just going to be better. Believe me i have everything i need, not just product, but program and strategies. Organisations and manufacturer's are behind me. I know a bit bold to throw it out there, definitely don't want to ruffle any feathers. Heres the terms: whatever you decide. Thats right. I don't care what you charge what you want or how you want to do it. As far as I'm concerned, thats your business. Imagine your supplying and installing for the dealer, take your supply price off, charge them that. Don't care, its up to you in a sense whether they want you. Ill help you anyway i can, as i need you more than you need me. Im giving the dealer what their not getting. Im not selling a product, I'm providing a service to give them everything they need, and then what they want. Working to change the stigma that we as installers, and customers of new car's think of salespeople. Ive met with a few, believe me its working. Ive put a tonne of effort into it, and its starting to pay off. I need installers though. Right now, i need a PPF installer whose willing to do mobile, where? can't tell you until i know your real first haha. Work WITH me, together, not for me not me for you, i need you to also put away what you think of the dealer, take a fresh start and trust that what we are all doing is working together so everybody wins. Example, why wouldn't you use the X-Pack over what you use? do you think you'd gain or lose business? Why would you use the film you use over EMINM? What do you know works for the better in the long run, what brings you closer to success? Forget product, its the attitude and system I'm trying to change. Yeah yeah, its impossible your dreaming. My friends, i do what i need to do, I've made my decision, this is what i believe and I'm willing to put my body on the line to make it work. The dealer sees this too, which is why they want me to work, again, WITH them. Not as a supplier, but as somebody whose driven to make them and everybody better off. If you think I'm lying then meet with me and find out for yourself. If you don't want to do it yourself, you can't or don't have the time, at very least understand my vision, my idea here, the fact that i represent an idea, or a possibility and not a 'Sale' and tell me who does want to work with me. Im building something gentlemen. 0422 758 218 Thanks
  12. This is the problem people see with other people in the business of selling. Unfortunately, there are a large number of people who sell for a living who believe bombarding people with the same thing saying its new and telling them what is good for them is the way to sell. Everybody these days think that a salesperson is a bucket of scum. Ive only ever sold to people who actually have an issue that can be solved with a product or service that i can provide. Sure, some of these problems have been "uncovered" by asking the right questions, but the only way to find out what someone wants is to ask them. I feel bad for you if you may have had someone manipulate the truth in the hope to gain a profit out of you..... When someone tells me off or tells me "they wouldn't dare" try a new film, i simply know its not because they want to hurt me, but because they are hurting, or have been hurt before. Your reason for not considering other products is a very valid one, and i hope the next "Salesperson" you encounter actually approaches you like i would. That is, actually ask you if there is anything you feel you may need or want that you might not be able to find or receive, and if there is a need that is uncovered, ask if you would want me to work with you to help you facilitate that need. This is also how i sell myself going to a job to install film. It is the most ethical, fairest way to sell anything and with this nearly everytime price is never the concern, rather value and benefit to the customer is. Understanding that 'Real Selling' is not evil or bad, manipulating the truth and telling people through persuasion is bad. But thats not a salesman, thats a conman.